Modern Minimalist Wedding Guest Request Cards: No Cameras Please

  • One of the most significant moments for a newlywed couple is the first time they see their wedding photos...that is of course unless their images have already been tainted by all the amateur photographers and 'facebook posters' at the event. Solve the issues surrounding and avoid the camera-happy 'Uncle Bobs' forever by offering your clients our Wedding Request Cards.

    Perfectly and politely phrase the bride and groom's request that all of the photography taken on their wedding day remain in the hands of the photographer. With our well-worded, elegantly designed card, your clients can eliminate distracted guests and spoiled photos.

    • Capture guests enjoying themselves instead of fumbling with technology
    • Help avoid unflattering images surfacing on social media platforms
    • Preserve the excitement for all of the special images you capture of the day
    • Have the total attention of your subjects during formals and other important moments of the day
    • The bride and groom will thank you for helping to keep their guests mentally present

    TESTIMONIAL: "I loved that at the end of the day there were no hideous camera phone images of my wedding floating around on Facebook or any other social media sites. We were so excited to receive our images because we had no idea what anything looked like except from memory. It was great to see everyone's faces in the photos I did receive instead of a bunch of cameras and flashes waving around, and we didn't have to worry about posing for hours so every guest could get their shot." -Lauren C. (Happy Bride)
  • • Two-sided, designed 5x5 card template (4 different styles for the text side)
    • Fully layered Photoshop .psd files for unlimited customizations
    • Designed using ProDPI's flat 5x5 card template but can be customized to be printed at any lab
    • Can be customized to be flat or folded
    • Vector designs may be printed as large as you like

    • Photoshop CS and newer
    • Photoshop Elements 6 through 11
    • Windows and Mac
  • It's Sellable: Your clients will love this thoughtful addition to your services. With this product, you are able to provide your clients with politely phrased insurance and peace of mind for the success of their event.

    It's a Time Saver: Save time in front of the computer with our pre-designed layout, as well as on the day of the wedding by eliminating all of the 'Uncle Bob' photographers you ordinarily have to work around.

    It Shapes Your Image: The consideration you show for your clients is very telling of the experience they will have with you as a photographer. Exude the appearance of the considerate photographer that you are, and ensure the best possible experience for your client's special day.
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