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Sophisticated album boxes delight your clients and elevate your brand and are designed for a monochromatic color palette, or modular, mix-and-match use. The best part: these boxes are embossable with your studio name or logo for a truly custom branded look. Add embossing to your order here.

• Thick, durable construction
• Optional embossing available with your logo or name
• Handcrafted in the USA
• Sold in quantities of 7
• Manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy

Available Customizations:
• Logo or name embossing in your choice of 15+ colors here
• Pre-cut white tissue paper inserts
8x8 box: Outside - 9¼" x 9¼" // Inside - 9" x 9" // Depth - 2"
10x10 box: Outside - 11 ¼" x 11 ¼" // Inside - 10 ¾" x 10 ¾" // Depth - 2 ¼"
12x12 box: Outside - 13 ¼" x 13 ¼" // Inside - 12 ⅞"x12 ⅞" // Depth - 2 ⅜"

These are embossable with your studio name or logo in 16 colors (including metallics and blind embossing!) for a completely professional look. Add embossing to your order here.

Customer Reviews

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My custom embossed album boxes are PERFECT, and add a level of professionalism that wasn't there before. There's just something about having YOUR logo across an item that screams "man...that girl is LEGIT!" I'll never go back to boring, basic packaging!

elegant + modern quality

I honestly do not know why I waited to up my packaging game for so long!
These boxes and the other boxes I ordered gave my brand an instant face-lift while still maintaining excellent quality for my clients.
Mine of the charcoal with my logo embossed in Gold...super chic and they look modern and cool - exactly what I was going for! :)
Also, the customer service I received in ordering these just solidifying in my mind why I'll only use Design Aglow!
If you're on the fence on ordering these...consider this the push to go ahead and purchase won't be disappointed!

Love how sturdy these are!

Prior to receiving my new Design Aglow branded album boxes, I'd just been sending my albums in the boxes provided by my bookbinder. Never again- these new ones are perfect! I love how sturdy the box is- I know it'll ship well without any concern for the book inside.

But I also love how sleek my logo looks branded onto the top- with how beautiful finished the whole thing is, I imagine the large majority of my couples will end up storing their albums in the box itself, instead of lone on the shelf. Which is huge points for me, because it means every time they pull their book out to show to family/friends, my business name will be the first thing they see. :)

Took my album delivery to a whole new level!

I LOVE this new addition to DA's products offered. As a small business owner, I don't always want to have to commit to ordering 5000+ of a product. Where am I going to store all that? DesignAglow's boxes are exquisite, luxurious, affordable for me, and are impressive to my clients. I will always be ordering boxes from them from now on!