The Ultimate In-Person Sales Course for Photographers

  • Are you tired of spending endless hours shooting, editing and uploading portrait session images, only to be left watching your email inbox for the inevitable $200 print order? Are you weary of handing over a disc/download of your images, knowing they will likely never be printed? Do you wonder how some photographers average thousands of dollars per sale, in markets just like yours? Would you like to learn techniques that can multiply your sales with ease?

    It’s time to take charge and create a sustainable photography business that’s built on creating custom products for your clients and providing high end customer service that will change the way you run your business forever.

    This comprehensive 4-week in-person sales course is the first of it’s kind and covers every aspect of in-person sales in detail. Learn how to transition your business from shoot & burn or online gallery-based to lucrative in-person sales in just four weeks. Understand the best practices for implementing in-person sales, smart policies to ensure success, website optimization for higher sales and so much more.

    Our In-Person Sales Course is organized into four sections and designed to be completed over 4 weeks, with a bonus section for wedding photographers for week 5. At the end of the course, you will:

    1. be trained in the process and workflow of in-person sales
    2. be equipped with the right verbiage to book the session and close the sale… and handle everything in between
    3. have all the tools and resources in place to begin in-person sales right away
    4. gain confidence while fine-tuning your ability to sell products
    5. stand out in your market by providing a higher level of service to your clientele

    IPS is not a technique that only works for some photographers. It can and will work for you too. You can transition your photography business to in-person sales, transform the way you interact with clients, and increase your bottom line significantly, in just four weeks. The only thing left to do is get started!
  • • 144 page PDF document of actionable content in an easy-to-read presentation
    • Solid advice from top industry portrait photographers
    • Smart worksheets to help stay on track and rock your IPS strategy
    • Bonus: Email templates with professional verbiage, IPS policies and free access to our exclusive new IPS Facebook group, a growing community created to surround you with other photographers who are also making the transition to IPS or already thriving!
    PLUS: IPS Portrait Experience Guide tri-fold to educate clients (free for first 100 who join this course - $25 value)
  • • Guide can be read in Acrobat, Preview and any PDF compatible product, view the entire guide right from your hard drive or iPad for easy archiving and navigation
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• You feel overworked and underpaid
• You want to make a great living from your art
• You die a little inside every time you deliver a disc of images with no album or wall portraits
• You want to provide high quality service to your clients, but you just don’t know how to begin
• You believe in tangible products, but don’t think you can sell them to your clients

There’s no limit to how much more money you’ll make by doing in-person sales instead of online sales or shoot & burn. Or how many hours you’ll save because you’ll be able to shoot fewer sessions to generate the same revenue. Or how many more hours of sleep you’ll get because you won’t be worrying about money.

And…there is a deep agreement among the most successful photographers in our industry that in-person sales will transform your business. And your bottom line.


You will be able to shoot fewer sessions to generate more income. And you will get more of your life back, more time with friends and family and more time for you to enjoy your life. You will spend less time worrying. You will be able to enjoy being a creative again. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? We can help you make it happen.

140+ PAGES

of actionable content in an
easy-to-read presentation


to help you stay on track and
rock your IPS strategy


so you can learn in the way
that works best for YOU


professional verbiage, simply
customize to your liking


strong & effective policies to
ensure IPS success


grab the IPS portrait experience
to walk new clients through the IPS process

PLUS: Gain free access to our exclusive new IPS Facebook group, a growing community created to surround you with other photographers who are also making the transition to IPS or already thriving!

IPS Sales Guide 4-Week Course Timeline



that are thriving with IPS


We know the more time we invest with our clients in this whole process, the more they will invest in portraits because they value our time as a professional.

- sarah petty

I realized years ago while offering online galleries only that I was doing my clients a huge disservice by not holding their hand throughout the ordering process.


Although the majority of clients think they just want digital files, we feel it's our job to provide them with the heirloom keepsakes we know they are going to enjoy forever.

- heidi hope

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