Studio Success Guide: Branding & Style

  • It’s time for a new, fresh start! Let’s face it: Your website colors could be giving you the blues. Maybe you’re finding Comic Sans not so funny. Your social media presence has you flipping Twitter the bird and giving Facebook the #facepalm.

    Are you ready to strut your stuff, but you’re not quite sure how to bring the magic?

    Have no fear; we’re here to help you discover your most authentic, consistent online presence yet!

    Design Aglow delivers the most intuitive website and social media Style Guide to date. We even go a step farther and follow up the latest information with interactive worksheets so you can plug in (or paste) your favorite things and put those ideas into innovative practice – all while driving more traffic to your business and creating a beautiful buzz!

    Whether you’re contemplating fonts, voice, colors, sidebars or images, we’ve got those web topics handled, from header to footer (see what we did there?). The only thing you’ll wonder about is what you’ll do with all that spare time you used to spend worrying about your online presence (we recommend hot yoga).

    **Special thanks to Jane in the Woods, SB Creative Co. and W&E Photographie for the lovely sample images displayed throughout the guide!

  • • 20 page PDF with our best practices to create and implement your new online presence
    • A 8.5 x 11 PDF so you can print and fill out physical copies or complete from the comfort of your mobile device, like your iPad or iPhone
    • The 4 reasons to create a style guide and best practices and tips for getting started
    • Suggestions to create a successful, meaningful and consistent online presence
    • 5 beautiful, interactive worksheets to get you started 

    • Adobe Acrobat, Preview, or any PDF Viewer, Windows and Mac

  • Save Time: Hours spent poring over your favorite things can be invested into other parts of your business (like actually posting to Twitter). An ongoing, updatable file means quicker, more intuitive updates and tweaks.

    Profitability: Earn more clients with a trustworthy, thoughtful website and social media presence! Now more than ever, a unified online presence shares your brand in a distinctive, hard-to-miss way and drives more referrals and clients your way.

    A Good Reputation: Communicate consistent and thoughtful branding and you’ll gain a reputation of being professional, savvy and about as cool as a double mocha caramel frappe (with extra whipped cream) among clients and colleagues.

  • A few notes from Design Aglow about our products.

    Customization: This product is an instant download and is fully customizable unless otherwise noted. A support guide is provided with your product, or in our Tutorials section. It offers a generalized overview for customizing the template. NOTE: Both the template and tutorial are designed specifically for professional photographers and assume a working knowledge and intermediate experience with Photoshop and a familiarity with layer masks.

    Printing: Unless otherwise noted, all template layouts are formatted for standard professional lab printing. You can print your final products anywhere professional services are provided, however we do include a recommended lab with your download.

    Fonts: Most fonts used in Design Aglow products are standard system fonts that may already be installed on your computer, or are easily attainable by downloading from the creators. Due to copyright protection, we are unable to include these files directly in the template, but a quick Internet search for the font online will typically yield several resources (font style names are included with your product for easy searching).

    About Your Purchase: We understand inspiration knows no boundaries and that you're probably eager to get started. This product is designed to be used immediately, which is why we made it digital! We do hope you understand, however, that since it is digital, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Before you finalize your purchase, take one more look to be sure it's exactly what you need and that you have the appropriate software.

    One more thing: If you haven't purchased from us before, take a minute to review our Copyright Information, for important details on how you legally use this product. It will probably answer most of the questions you may have, and explains key product usage guidelines.

    Have questions? Contact us anytime. A friendly, intelligent member of Design Aglow will be happy to offer assistance during our operating hours, M-F 9:00-5:00 (U.S. Pacific Standard Time).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth Every Cent

I had literally just moved my photography business 2000 miles away, and when I reopened my business, I knew I needed a fresh, new brand for my fresh, new location. I hired a graphic designer to make a new logo, brand sheet, and website, but when she asked me for ideas, I had no idea what I wanted or where to start. She came up with some initial ideas, but none of them were what I was looking for--even though I wasn't particularly sure what I was actually looking for.

This guide was invaluable to our creative process.

I went through this workbook, completed all of the activities, and gave the completed worksheets to my graphic designer. Within a couple of weeks, she had a whole new set of designs that were EXACTLY what I wanted for my brand. This guide is the best way to get your brand ideas and goals set down into one concrete document that you can use for logo design, web design, blog posts, and more. It is absolutely invaluable, and something I can always look back to whenever I need creative direction for my business. It's worth every cent.

5 STARS Great Help

Helped me get my idea straight in my head and on paper! Thank you

Awesome Guide!

This guide will help nail down a branding strategy that works! The examples and visual exercises have been so helpful to create my own brand and know how to stick to it. Knowing now how important it is for customers to see a consistent brand and having the tools to make that happen is crucial to successful business. Thank you for making the guide!

Great resource to start with branding!

I allready knew what I liked and wanted with my brand. With this product you'll place your ideas on paper. It was easy and fun to do! It's a greate resource to start with proper branding.

Finally did what I struggled with for years...

This was such a great guide, I was able to get my colors, style and the look I wanted all in one place. No more choosing fonts, I have them picked out and written down! This helped me so much, I highly recommend this for those either just starting out or ready for final poilish of thier look.

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