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  • Do you struggle to create smart studio policies that will head off client issues before they arise? What about finding the best way to approach a touchy subject with a client?
    We’re not all gifted with the ability to write, but communication is a key factor to any business and you’re certainly not alone in wishing you had eloquent studio policies for virtually every situation. It's for you that Design Aglow has created an extensive collection of 25 professionally crafted business correspondence letters.
    The complete catalog of beautifully written emails helps you deliver the perfect prose for any situation, while also diplomatically but firmly establishing your business policies. You will head off potential problems from the very start, helping you avoid a host of common pitfalls.

    The Studio Email Assistant has you covered on everything from how to handle price shoppers and habitual re-schedulers, to how to appropriately set the rules for smart studio policies.

    I have these and they are awesome!!! Even if you just use them as a good jumping off point for ONE difficult client, they are worth it, but I promise you'll find so much good info in these!” - Kelly Chronister
  • RTF (text) and PDF file

    Collection of 25 professionally written business correspondence items:

    1. Email response to price shoppers. This welcome email aids you with responding to price shoppers/hagglers and provides a strong education in the value of wedding/portrait photography.

    2. Style and Session. This email explains the photographer’s shooting style, the session, the ordering process and payment.

    3. Pre-session email. This email sets the rules for the shoot and reminds customers via key bullet points what's included in the session fee.

    4. Second Photo Shoot Rescheduling. This email sets forth studio policy regarding rescheduling for a second time.

    5. Second Order Appointment Rescheduling. This email sets forth studio policy when rescheduling for a second time.

    6. Photographer as client. This email shares how to approach a local photographer who wants a shoot with you.

    7. Addressing post session digital files and sticker shock. This email shares how to handle a miscommunication regarding digital file inclusion, or when a client experiences cost concerns after the session.

    8. Economic concerns post session. This email covers how to address reticence in ordering after a session when a client asks to postpone ordering.

    9. Unauthorized internet use of an image. This email addresses how to approach a client who has scanned/copied your images to or from the internet without permission.

    10. Mentor request. This email shares how to address a request from a local photographer wishes to be mentored by you or wants to assist you.

    11. Client order session preparation. This email prepares clients for the upcoming order session.

    12. Client session clothing choices.  This email outlines practical suggestions regarding clothing choices for the upcoming photography session.

    13. Difficult client returns. This email shares how to respectfully handle a difficult former client who wishes to hire you again.

    14. Vendor barter request. This email addresses a vendor who has requested a free shoot in return for future referrals/word-of-mouth in lieu of payment.

    15. Money past due. This registered letter shares correspondence for money owed on a session or order when the client is unresponsive.

    16. Creating potential bride interest. This email illustrates how to respond to potential brides in order to compel them to continue the conversation.

    17. Pleasing anxious clients. This email outlines how to reassure excited clients whose continued queries regarding the status of their order are drawing your attention away from processing orders and handling other business in your studio.

    18. Session Follow-up Email. This email shares gratitude to a client for a wonderful session and shares an incentive program for referrals.

    19. Client Questionnaire. This email shares a sample questionnaire to send to clients to get to know them and their needs before the session begins.

    20. Client Reshoot Request. This email shows what to say when a client requests a reshoot for reasons that are not due to studio negligence (clothing choice, hair not brushed, child not cooperating, etc.).

    21. Response to wedding client wanting discounted prices.

    22. Email response to request for costs associated with traveling to a destination wedding.

    23. Following up when another client has express interest in a wedding date that has been booked, but the retainer and agreement has not been received.

    24. Email response for a client who wants to know why you no longer give high resolution images.

    25. Email response to a client requesting refund of deposit after cancelled wedding.

    • Windows and Mac
  • It’s Sellable: You work hard on your reputation, image, and professionalism because they all support your smart business objectives. So, we compiled this kit to help support you! Add clarity and definition to your policies utilizing professionally written emails and other correspondence built by those who truly understand the industry. These pre-drafted materials enhance your professionalism and proactively prevent common client issues. This, in turn, allows you to simply and effectively sell yourself and your products without worry over the threatening hassle of client problems.

    It’s a Time Saver: Tackle email and correspondence quickly and with confidence in knowing your copy is written with the utmost professional integrity. With pre-written emails always at your fingertips, you’ll never face writer’s block again! With the Studio Email Assistant, managing emails and heading off potential problems takes minutes instead of hours.

    It Shapes Your Image: Your written words are simply an extension of your business image. All of our carefully crafted correspondence provides exactly the right balance of quality customer service and firm business approach, positioning you as the qualified professional you are.
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