Project 52 - Enthusiast Membership

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What would it mean if you could cultivate creativity, clarify your purpose, and manifest success?

That’s precisely why we created Project 52 exclusively for creativepreneurs.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a business newbie, Project 52 will help you:
• Discover what matters most to you as a creative and an entrepreneur.
• Discover your “why” and your “now what?” 
• Take steps toward key priorities and areas of focus in 2019.
• Fine-tune both your creative expression and business acumen with guidance and support. 

Project 52 is designed to be an enlightened path to realizing your full potential as a creative entrepreneur. The innovative 52-week guide delivers thoughtful and actionable guides to enhance your business one week at a time, for an entire year. Project 52 is a combination of independent journal coaching exercises and prompts for thoughtful reflection and conversation.

Whether you’re an Enthusiast and a digital journal user, or an Exclusive Member with your tangible journal kit, each week, we’ll focus on one exercise designed to ignite your creative mojo while bringing fresh, exciting, new ideas to your business.

Our approach is designed to bring clarity, enlightenment, and spur effective action in your creative and business life. The assignments are easy and fun, yet meaningful. For those who like to go the extra mile (we see you), we offer Deep Dive bonus assignments every single week. These are designed to add value, spur action, and build friendship and community.

Please note: Subscription purchases are paid once monthly through 2019 and cannot be canceled. Subscription ends December 31st, 2019.
Exclusive Membership Includes:
• The Project 52 Printable Journal Kit
• Four quarterly printable bundles of weekly journal coaching
• BONUS: Also includes digital, Enthusiast Level paperless version.
• “Deep Dives” to maximize your experience
• Sharing, discussions and support in our private Community Group
• Instant downloads delivered monthly
• BONUS: Six Exclusive Member Socials (wine + chat = recap). Live invitation-only virtual chats to discuss our challenges and growth. Look for special guests and surprises!

Enthusiast Membership Includes:
• The comprehensive digital Project 52 Guide
• Four quarterly paperless PDF bundles of weekly journal coaching
• “Deep Dives” to maximize your experience
• Sharing, discussions and support in our private Community Group
• Instant downloads delivered monthly 

Guide can be read in Acrobat, Preview and any PDF compatible product.
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