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  • Picture this: A simple and stunning price list is absolutely essential for your clients to understand your pricing structure, planting the seeds for a maximized session sale.

    Share your portrait studio professionally with this easy to use luxe pricing menu, complete with two sets of interior options and three different covers AND our exclusive stock images included! Simply customize, print, or attach as an email PDF in just minutes. Leave clients smiling and your studio styling—all without taking precious time away from your business and your life!

    Want to know why our Price List starts with 8x10s and smaller? Check out this helpful article.

    Sample images by Kylie Martin Photography, Allison Corrin Photography, Greer G Photography, Nicole Mason, Stephanie Mballo, Paula O'Hara and Alyssa Rosenheck for Design Aglow.

    Don't want to deal with Photoshop? Customize and print in an instant here.

  • • 3 cover spread designs
    • 3 sets of interior 8x10 page designs
    • 5 stock photos - 2 album images and 3 frame images (frame images include placeholders to insert your own images into the frames)
    • Fully layered Photoshop PSD for unlimited customization
    • Vector designs give you the ability to print as large as you like

    Designed using ProDPI's Slip-In Folio template for easy printing

    TeX Gyre Termes
    Please note - We supply the names of the fonts used, but .ttf files must be downloaded from other providers. See Usage for additional details.


    Compatible with Photoshop CS4 and newer, Windows and Mac

  • A few notes from Design Aglow about our products.

    Customization: This product is an instant download and is fully customizable unless otherwise noted. A support guide is provided with your product, or in our Tutorials section. It offers a generalized overview for customizing the template. NOTE: Both the template and tutorial are designed specifically for professional photographers and assume a working knowledge and intermediate experience with Photoshop and a familiarity with layer masks.

    Printing: Unless otherwise noted, all template layouts are formatted for standard professional lab printing. You can print your final products anywhere professional services are provided, however we do include a recommended lab with your download.

    Fonts: Most fonts used in Design Aglow products are standard system fonts that may already be installed on your computer, or are easily attainable by downloading from the creators. Due to copyright protection, we are unable to include these files directly in the template, but a quick Internet search for the font online will typically yield several resources (font style names are included with your product for easy searching).

    About Your Purchase: We understand inspiration knows no boundaries and that you're probably eager to get started. This product is designed to be used immediately, which is why we made it digital! We do hope you understand, however, that since it is digital, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Before you finalize your purchase, take one more look to be sure it's exactly what you need and that you have the appropriate software.

    One more thing: If you haven't purchased from us before, take a minute to review our Copyright Information, for important details on how you legally use this product. It will probably answer most of the questions you may have, and explains key product usage guidelines.

    Have questions? Contact us anytime. A friendly, intelligent member of Design Aglow will be happy to offer assistance during our operating hours, M-F 9:00-5:00 (U.S. Pacific Standard Time).

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