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Luxurious yet affordable, your album is carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. With true silver halide printing on Fuji portrait grade paper to guarantee the best color reproduction and delivery of the finest details, the flush-mount design and organic substrate mounted pages create stability and durability. Curated cover fabrics, book jackets, and cover bands crafted right here in the US means a fine quality custom album that is exclusive to our understated, yet elegant, collection your clients will adore.


• Luxurious animal-friendly vegan leather and linen cover options

• Professional grade, high-quality silver halide Fuji lustre paper

• Pages are 1.4 mm (slightly thicker than a dime)

• 20 to 50 pages (10 to 25 spreads)


Every order is delivered in a charcoal album box and includes a lovely Album Care Card so your clients know how to best care for their heirloom product. Of course it is unbranded and professionally written too!

You will have the option to upload your album files from the link above and your order confirmation email.

~Click here to see an example of an album layout with proper file-naming and click here to download blank templates~

*Special thanks to Milou+Olin Photography and Erich McVey for the lovely images featured in this album.
4x4 inch centered cover image

• While the fly leaf pages are always matte black (the blank opening and closing pages), the fill pages of Design Aglow Albums are photo paper (Fuji Lustre) in either black or white. (The fill page is the blank page opposite the first and last populated page.)

• Album jacket - wraps around the entire album
• Album band - wraps around the center of the album like a traditional book jacket, but at a fraction of the height of the album, it gives you the ability to see the beautiful cover underneath!

• Limit 30 characters per line. Maximum 2 lines. ($20 per line.) 
• All typeset imprinting will appear exactly as typed on the order form. (If you type your imprint all in capital letters, it will be imprinted in all capital letters.)

Font Size Height (for capital letters):
• 18 pt = 1/4"
• 24 pt = 1/3"
• 36 pt = 1/2"

Please note:
• While all foils look great with our Eco Leather cover options, we don't recommend Rose Gold or Clear for our Linens.
• If you choose "Visual Center" on an album that also has a cameo, your imprinting will be placed directly underneath the cameo.
Use the code "SAMPLE20" at checkout to purchase up to 2 sample albums per calendar year with a 20% discount. Albums are stamped “studio sample” on the inside back cover and are for studio use only (they may not be resold). Sample albums must be purchased separately from regularly priced albums. Any albums within an order that uses a sample discount code will be processed as samples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Emilene Orozco
Top Quality!

Design Aglow, thank you for existing. I have searched everywhere for album companies, but none compare to you! You have made the entire process super easy. From choosing sizes, customizing my album, to even uploading my images. This is the company for me and I can't wait to for my next albums!! I was sold when I found your vegan leather options. I could not be any happier with its look and feel. The color reproduction is EXACTLY how my images look on my computer screen. The thick pages and overall built of the album is how EVERY album should be! So proud to offer your products to my clients.

Courtney Laper
Luxury Luxury Luxury! SO Well-Made!

Design Aglow albums are my absolute favorite! They're SO sturdy, they FEEL amazing and the quality is so impressive. You can feel how much love is poured into making them and I never have to worry about a sub-par album arriving for my client's. The peace of mind and the quality are well-worth the album cost.

Diana Zapata
Timeless Look

I recently ordered an engagement album for one of my clients and I absolutely LOVE the quality. It feels sturdy and timeless. So well crafted!!!!

Dan & Tyler Photography
Second to none

We’ve found that the best way to ensure our clients go home with their own gorgeous album is to simply show our clients an album in person and let the album speak for itself. Once we hand them our 50 page sample album the first thing they always comment on is the way it feels in their hands. The binding, page thickness, durability and quality of materials used are truly second to none.

Jordan Watkins
Amazingly Well Crafted!

Every time I show a client these albums they ALWAYS comment on how thick the pages are and how nice it feels. I love how these albums FEEL like what I sell them for. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the smell when you first get them in. I just air them out for a couple of days before delivering to a client.