Multiple Frames Mockup (022)

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Use this stock image to display your artwork, prints or photos in your online shop, on your blog, website or social media platforms. Unlike other stock images, our high resolution quality allows for printing on cards, newsletters or brochures.

Image includes Design Aglow Frames to get your clients thinking about purchasing physical portraits, gifts and framed art.

Stock image by Samantha James. Special thanks to Milou + Olin Photography for the images in our example.
• 1 High Resolution PSD File (11 x 14.667 inches | 3300 x 4400 pixels @ 300 dpi) with image layer to easily clip your artwork to - Place your artwork at the top of the layers palette, clip your artwork to the "IMAGE LAYER" beneath it, resize to fit inside the frame and save
• 1 High Resolution PNG File (11 x 14.667 inches | 3300 x 4400 pixels @ 300 dpi) – Place your artwork beneath the stock image in the layers palette, resize to fit inside the frame and save
• Tutorial with instructions

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• There will be no placeholder text (Your Photo Here) or watermarks in the final stock images in your download folder.
• This is a digital download only. No physical product will be shipped.

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• Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop)
• Windows and Mac
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