Modular Holiday Card & Sales Kit: Nostalgic Splendor

  • Whimsical musings of days gone by complement fun hues and impressive layouts in the Nostalgic Splendor Kit. This artfully crafted collection is sweet and splendid in design, but also a powerful tool that teaches you how to effectively sell holiday cards.

    This innovative and intelligent set is designed for photographers that are ready to build a smart selling strategy. Featuring a notable spread of designer imagery, a customizable catalog, professionally designed card modules, and a comprehensive 11-page tutorial, the endearing Nostalgic Splendor collection has everything you need. And with supremely simple to use tools, it takes just minutes to launch your holiday card line.

    13-page turnkey holiday card sales catalog. This catalog easily walks clients through every step involved in designing the holiday card of their dreams. It includes a built-in order form on the last page on which your clients will note their design choices, keeping their information impeccably organized, and saving you lots of valuable time.

    Professional studio-shot stock photos of finished holiday cards.

    6 customizable designs, each with its own selections for front, inside spread (with 12 greeting options), and back, and 4 unique color palettes. These are in fully layered Photoshop PSD format and will allow you to design your clients' cards with just the click of a mouse, all in under 15 minutes per card. Simply mix and match the front, inside and back (which are completely interchangeable) for virtually limitless combinations.

    11-page tutorial complete with tips for presenting, publishing, and selling your catalog online.

    BONUS: A coordinating set of 6 address labels and 4 gift tags. These additional offerings are an extra special touch your clients are guaranteed to love!

    The comprehensive features of this Sales Kit also promise versatility. Create marketing campaigns, post cards, event invitations and more all with the same collection. This broad-based set allows you to sell more, know more, and save time. With over 62,000 different card options, the possibilities are literally endless!

    The Nostalgic Splendor Kit is also great for…
    • Fun and flirty flat or folded post cards
    • 5x7 folded or flat greeting cards
    • Exceptional event invitations
    • Sweet save-the-dates
    • Marketing materials
    • …and much more!

  • • Layered Photoshop PSD files for simple modifications and complete customization
    • 13-page holiday card catalog template
    • Space for studio logo
    • Holiday order form, for encouraged immediate purchasing
    • Customizable studio policies, to clearly outline your procedures
    • Customizable price list

    • Professional studio-shot stock photos of finished holiday cards
    • 6 distinctive design options, each with:
    • 4 unique color palettes
    • Front, inside spread with 12 greeting options, and back design components
    • Mix-and-match style features for ultimate versatility

    • Suitable for printing through ProDPI or your own preferred lab/printer

    • Bonus designer flip-book (perfect for take-home literature!)
    • Bonus coordinating set of 6 address labels and 4 gift tags

    Please note: You will need to install two fonts to maintain the look of these templates. As always, we supply the names of the fonts used, but .ttf files must be downloaded from other providers. See Usage for additional details.

    • Photoshop CS3 and newer
    • Windows and Mac

    Due to the complexity of the layers, these file are approximately 1.82 gb (once they are unzipped), so be sure to have enough available space on your hard drive before downloading.

  • It’s Sellable: The Nostalgic Splendor collection is a comprehensive selling system that will help you launch an unbeatable holiday card line. Turnkey features allow you to sell with this kit season after season, and the innovative mix-and-match components promise endless design potential. Sell simply, sell effectively, and sell confidently. Boost sales without beefing up your budget or spending unnecessary time!

    It’s a Time Saver: This creative arsenal has a gamut of useful tools and tips to keep you organized, no matter what season it is. Built in order forms, stock photography, and powerful instructional resources streamline both the design and ordering process, allowing you to dedicate you precious time where it’s needed elsewhere.

    It Shapes Your Image: From exquisite pro studio-shot stock photos, to professional designer card layouts, this kit highlights you as a design-savvy professional. With one look at your expertly crafted catalog, clients will be awestruck by your skilled offerings and stunning photography options, positioning your studio as a premier photographer center in your market.

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