Inspire Me Cards: Bride & Groom Posing Guide

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Floating with wedded bliss and unable to inhibit toothy grins and longing looks, your bride and grooms are already ideal subjects! Sprinkle in professional posing, creative themes and your own imaginative ideas, and you have a recipe for magic.

• 75 posing images designed for inspirational use in photo sessions
• Each card has its own theme, can be used as-is, or to inspire a photo series
• 5 x 5 card layouts, perfect for printing (TIP: Print as spiral bound proofs for portable inspiration on location)
• Delivered in .jpg format for easy printing; or save digitally for smartphone or tablet use Compatible with all jpeg viewing software

Featuring photography from: Katch Studios, Susan Stripling Photography, Tyson French Photography, Genevieve Nisly Photography, Lena Hyde Photography, Aimee Cook Photography, Leah Lund Photography, Jessica Johnson Photography, Anna Kuperberg Photography, Red Leaf Studio Inc, Leigh Miller Photography, Storytellers & Co. (Aga Images), Novel Hill Studio, Continuum Photography, Ely Fair Photography, Dan & Anne Almasy Photography, Eve Greendale Photography, Judy Cormier Photography, Kathleen Amelia Photography, James Melia Photographers, Michelle Turner Photography, Natasha du Preez Photography, Nichanh Nicole Photography, Pelaez Photography, Paul Johnson Photography, Cluney Photo and Michelle Gardella Photography
It's Sellable: Your captured imagery is what creates lasting memories for the bride and her groom. Use Design Aglow’s Creative Posing Guide to simplify your wedding day shoots. Give yourself an on-demand platform full of inspired ideas – 75 to ideas, to be exact! When images are perfectly positioned and efficiently shot, selling becomes easy. In fact, the hardest part might just be choosing favorites!

It’s a Time Saver: With a literal pocketful of inspiration, your bride and groom shoots move along quickly and the day is captured effectively. And with just the right amount of enthusiasm, your shots become perfection. Save the hassle and time of compiling new and inventive poses for every wedding – with 75 to serve as inspiration, the bride and groom combinations are virtually endless.

It Shapes Your Image: These Inspire Me Cards are more than just a convenient way to organize your poses; they help to distinguish you as a discerning, talented photographer that thrives on creativity and professionalism. Give your market something incredible to talk about – YOU!
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Customer Reviews

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Great resource!

I love to glance at these right before I arrive at a wedding to implant some last minute inspiration in my brain! Super easy to print out or store on your phone/tablet. I call it my pocket workshop!

Great & Adorable

I purchased the wedding party posing guide, the bride and groom posing guide and the engagement posing guide. I bought them because I had a refund and needed to spend the $. I didn't really need the guides, but I am so glad I bought them. I had them printed through Artifact Uprising as 5x5 soft cover books and they are so adorable. I added some cute little covers with abstract photos of bokeh. My engagement clients especially love them, but brides and grooms do to. I usually don't pose clients, I am more of a free style shooter and like to get natural poses of clients, but having these guides is so handy when a client is are awkward and uncomfortable (usually the guys). I find that pulling out these little guides, totally helps them relax and envision their images, which instantly takes away any anxiety they might have. This is a great purchase for anyone who is unsure of posing or who runs out of ideas during formal shots. There are SO MANY PAGES in them and so many ideas. This is a really great product.