Inspire Guide: Show & Sell Wall Galleries

  • Say goodbye to dinky 5x7 gift portraits and hello to big, gorgeous wall galleries!

    Too often the price tag of proper printing and framing overshadows the artistic potential of telling the whole story… until now. Allow our elegantly hand drawn Inspire Guide to transform your client’s home into an art gallery of memories. Because, as you already know, one photo never tells the complete story.

    Get ready to add interior design to your studio’s offerings! This is a complete collection of our best selling gallery layouts, now all in one stunning presentation — each layout more exciting than the last. The best part? All images are hand drawn in house for a captivating presentation you will find nowhere else.

    Imagine the potential:
    • This guide pays for itself, over and over, every single time you use it
    • Visually demonstrate the appeal of wall displays
    • Offer your clients a variety options for every room in the house, with 50 professionally designed room layouts
    • Completely customize the sales experience by including client images in our simple-to-use templates for an irresistible presentation (and multiplied sales!)
    • All galleries use standard American frame sizing, designed to increase your sales another 30-50% instantly!

    Our template features a brandable cover and welcome page, fully customizable to include your studio information, pricing, logo and more. Each of the 50 rooms in the Inspire Guide collection includes a stylish name for reference, offering that extra bit of authenticity to your product options.

    Please note: This guide contains 25 galleries from our original Fine Art Inspire Guide. If you already have the Fine Art version and wish to purchase an upgrade, please email us with your receipt here.

    Our Inspire Guide has won PPA's Hot One Award for best sales template in the industry! Given to products that exhibit “exceptional quality, innovation, design and performance as judged by a distinguished panel of industry experts,” Hot One Awards represent the best of the business, and we’re honored to be recognized as such.
  • • 50 professionally crafted wall displays complete with hand-drawn furniture, frames, and accessories (delivered in 8.5x11 and 5x7 w/ an alternate cover option)
    • Each wall gallery template is in fully layered Photoshop PSD format for unlimited customization including color changes
    • A cover, price list, and welcome page that are able to be customized with studio policies, prices, colors, and logo
    • Each collection has been given a stylish name for easy reference
    • 12 page tutorial to learn how to use the guide, plus info on how to publish it online and make mini versions to lend out or give

    • Our exclusive bonus action will automatically place your images into the templates, saving time and making client presentations 100% personal
    • InDesign version of the 8.5x11 galleries for easy drag-and-drop workflow
    • 4x5.5, eight panel pocket mini inspire guide in Photoshop PSD format to plant the seed of investing in wall galleries; give to clients at the end of your session/event to prepare them for planning their order
    • 4 pages of Studio Pricing Worksheets in interactive PDF format to determine pricing for your a-la-carte offerings and collections
    • Wall Gallery Price List: have all your collections priced and organized, and ready to sell
    • Wall Space Calculator: always be prepared by knowing the dimensions your client will need for each gallery

    Please note: We supply the names of the fonts used, but .ttf files must be downloaded from other providers. See Usage for additional details. Also, images of real furniture with images on the walls are examples, and no stock imagery is included in your download.

    • Photoshop CS and newer
    • InDesign CS4 and newer
    • Windows and Mac
  • It's Sellable: Great designers know that images, not words sell a product. Demonstrating the appeal of a fantastic wall gallery has never been simpler! Using the Inspire Guide as your personal room stylist, show your clients the value in wall galleries and even personalize the experience with their own images. 

    It's a Time Saver: We've taken the time to carefully assemble 50 hand-drawn wall gallery layouts that will have your clients jumping at the opportunity to purchase collections of images rather than a stand-alone portrait. We've done all the work for you! Simply show as-is or go the extra mile and insert client images into the frames using our bonus Photoshop Action, or drag-and-drop with InDesign.

    It Shapes Your Image: This collection is as simple to use as it is visually appealing. The artistic renderings are each stunning in their own right, and the entire collection adds an air of professionalism with an extra service for your studio that will help you stand out in your market and allow you to multiply every single sale.
  • A few notes from Design Aglow about our products.

    Customization: This product is an instant download and is fully customizable unless otherwise noted. A support guide is provided with your product, or in our Tutorials section. It offers a generalized overview for customizing the template. NOTE: Both the template and tutorial are designed specifically for professional photographers and assume a working knowledge and intermediate experience with Photoshop and a familiarity with layer masks.

    Printing: Unless otherwise noted, all template layouts are formatted for standard professional lab printing. You can print your final products anywhere professional services are provided, however we do include a recommended lab with your download.

    Fonts: Most fonts used in Design Aglow products are standard system fonts that may already be installed on your computer, or are easily attainable by downloading from the creators. Due to copyright protection, we are unable to include these files directly in the template, but a quick Internet search for the font online will typically yield several resources (font style names are included with your product for easy searching).

    About Your Purchase: We understand inspiration knows no boundaries and that you're probably eager to get started. This product is designed to be used immediately, which is why we made it digital! We do hope you understand, however, that since it is digital, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Before you finalize your purchase, take one more look to be sure it's exactly what you need and that you have the appropriate software.

    One more thing: If you haven't purchased from us before, take a minute to review our Copyright Information, for important details on how you legally use this product. It will probably answer most of the questions you may have, and explains key product usage guidelines.

    Have questions? Contact us anytime. A friendly, intelligent member of Design Aglow will be happy to offer assistance during our operating hours, M-F 9am - 5pm (U.S. Pacific Standard Time).

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love the style, great investment!

I love the simple design and soft colors of these, all colors are adjustable to fit your brand, and they printed so nicely. I just printed on regular 4x6 fuji print paper for now to get started, then placed in a wood photo box. Looks so nice! Such an adorable display for my IPS and clients LOVE thumbing through the images.

Highest quality professional materials

I lust all the Design Aglow products...usually from afar. I finally bought this because I started selling their frames and doing in person sales. I look so much more professional and feel so much more confident. So glad I got it!

Beautiful Guide

This guide is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love that they have an InDesign version (I don't understand why more template shops don't do this!). The only thing I wish, is that there was a little more creativity in some of the set-ups....but it was easy for me to add a few of my own, so this isn't too big of a deal.

Peace of Mind For Everyone

I love how organized this entire guide and the Photoshop layers are. I was able to customize the pricing to suit my needs. I feel confident that I'm maximizing the spaces my clients want to display images while minimizing the amount of time we all spend figuring out measurements/what sizes compliment one another. I look forward to using this for a sales tool, helping my clients fit their wall display needs, and the peace of mind it provides me starting out with IPS this year. Thanks so much for the hard work put in to this and for making it available for photographers.

Pays for itself ten times over!

I’ve been lusting after the Inspire Guide since it came out, but my mind couldn’t comprehend spending that much for a digital download?! I hesitantly purchased and printed off my fave collections on cardstock and brought it along to my ordering session tonight… and I made my biggest sale EVER with a canvas wall gallery, more than twice my average sale – on a client who hadn’t had any intention of buying canvas, or a gallery! The guide completely paid for itself ten times over. Thanks so much for making such an easy to use product! I’ll definitely be using Design Aglow more often!

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