ICON Client Product Guides

  • Handy, client-friendly overview of your studio’s best selling products. Get clients excited about their own custom wall galleries, albums, and keepsakes well before their order session. Includes 100% customizable layouts, professionally written verbiage, pre-sized product mockups, and customizable brand design elements. 

    * Special thanks to Anna Caitlin PhotographyRobin Long Photography, Allen Kent Photography, Aimee Cook Photography, and Jenny Cruger Photography for the lovely images in our samples.
  • • General Product Guide - 7x5 in, 4-panel, 2-sided folded card

    An overview of your studio’s entire product lineup!

    • Frame Product Guide Card - 
    7x5 in, 4-panel, 2-sided folded card
    Overview, features, and benefits of framed art featuring styles for every client.

    • Wall Gallery Guide - 7x5 in, 4-panel 2-sided folded card
    Inspirations, easy to sell photo wall gallery layouts.

    • Album Guide - 7x5 in, 4-panel, 2-side folded card
    Introduction to your studio's heirloom photo album offerings.

    • Keepsake Guide - 7x5 in, 4-panel, 2 sided folded card
    Preview of your other items for gift giving and rounding out their total investment.

    Pre-sized Product Mockups for each guide

    Customizable logo, logotype and brand elements.


    •  "Read Me" file is provided with guidance on how to operate and reference links for download and installation of fonts.
    •  Multiple, layered .PSD files are provided and compatible with Adobe and other software providers for Windows and Mac.

    •  These templates can be printed through Miller's Professional Imaging and can be customized for your preferred vendor.

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