AGLOW Mini Magazine: Fall 2017

  • AGLOW Mini Magazine is a digital quarterly dedicated to the pro photographer. This publication offers all photographers, whether they’re new in the biz or a seasoned pro, the chance to explore the limitless possibilities of the creative industry, straight from the mouths of today’s movers and shakers. Learn more here.

    Delivered in 76 page PDF format.

  • INSIDE REAL STUDIOS: tour the stunning Jasmine Fitzwilliam workspace
    CAUGHT OUR EYE: Gerald Larocque gets nostalgic on us
    LIVING YOUR DREAM: Alyssa Anne shares her passion for humanitarian work
    ASK THE EXPERT: Janneke Storm shares tips, tricks & stories
    LESS IS MORE: James Barkman creates art on the road in his faithful (but not always trusty) VW van
    WHAT I WISH I KNEW: Anni Graham...hindsight is 20/20, right?
    IN THE BAG: Brandon Burk is all things vintage and leather and woodsy (oh my!)

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