Why Design Aglow?

As an acclaimed pioneer within the photography industry, Design Aglow excels at providing photographers with a versatile toolbox for their boutique photo studios. Our network of top industry experts focuses on getting you started with best business practices and offering you timely inspiration. Design Aglow products follow a rigorous 100+ step workflow system to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Additionally, all of our products are specifically created to return your investment within 1-2 uses, saving you valuable time while elevating your image, brand, and offerings.

From our founder and CEO, Lena Hyde:
"Since 2006, Design Aglow has been raising the bar on marketing resources available to professional photographers. We create powerful tools because we know our success is dependent on the success of our clients." 

At its core, Design Aglow is a simple and honest company that believes in hard work and strong values. We want to bring you the best business products without ever compromising quality. We offer fair pricing and a reputation for products that are of the highest caliber in their field. At Design Aglow, we prefer to work towards creating innovative tools and valuable products that will optimize your business, versus flashy gimmicks and promotions to reach a quota. Our products speak for themselves and have proven to be smart investments for over 40,000 photographers worldwide.