Please fill out this form to coincide with your recent portfolio box order. You must purchase your portfolio box separately before uploading your files through the form below. Click here to purchase your portfolio box.

You will upload the images for your slip-in mats in a .ZIP file, with all of the pages labeled in the correct order of printing. All files need to be sRGB at 300 DPI. We print in sRGB color space.

Please ensure that you have double checked your files before uploading. We will not check your files. Everyone’s aesthetic is different, we cannot correct customer files or images. All file prep and color correction is the customer's responsibility. And, we know you like to be in control of your own color space and design!

All images MUST be sized correctly. We will not do any re-configuring of files. Images for 8x10 boxes must be exactly 5x7 inches @ 300 dpi. Images for 11x14 boxes must all be either 7x10, 8x10 or 8x12 inches @ 300 dpi (and not a mixture of all three sizes). For shallow boxes, please upload exactly 10 images. For deep boxes, please upload exactly 20 images. Any order upload that does not meet these specifications will be delayed (and entire orders will be held if part of the order does not meet these specifications). 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. A highly caffeinated member of our support team will happily assist you.