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"I've never purchased a single thing from Design Aglow that didn't help my business. I really owe so much of my success to you and your products. Thank you!" - LINDSEY POTTER, Lindsey Potter Photography
"I have been using Design Aglow products since its inception, and they are by far the best in the market. The products are versatile, elegant and modern, and can work with any marketing- which makes them totally irresistible! I can honestly say my Design Aglow products are the only thing in my business that have stood the test of time!" - KELLY HITE, Pure Sugar Studios
"I feel so organized because of Design Aglow! Your simple and practical style fits mine perfectly. I love the way everything is laid out! I've even started using your magazines for marketing at different venues. I've been very impressed with your customer service- you go above and beyond for sure!" - KELLY BLACKALL, Blackall Photography
"The Essential Pricing Guide is just that...essential. The wealth of information and guidance provided in this product is really unbelievable!  Not one stone has been left unturned, and it can guide both seasoned portrait photographers and those just starting out through tricky budgeting, pricing, and planning hurdles. We get emails daily from those just beginning their business, asking sweeping questions about the hows and the whys of how we operate. We now have the perfect resource to point them towards. This pricing guide should be a cornerstone resource for all portrait photographers serious about their business." - ANGELA WEEDON