Template Testimonials

“I love how easy Design Aglow makes it to create polished products. I can provide a beautiful presentation to my clients and am able to spend more time behind the camera instead of behind my computer.”


“I bought the Inspire Guide today, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been lusting after it since it came out, but my mind couldn’t comprehend spending that much for a digital download?! I hesitantly purchased and printed off my fave collections on cardstock and brought it along to my ordering session tonight… and I made my biggest sale EVER with a canvas wall gallery, more than twice my average sale – on a client who hadn’t had any intention of buying canvas, or a gallery! The guide completely paid for itself ten times over. Thanks so much for making such an easy to use product! I’ll definitely be using Design Aglow more often!”


“Design Aglow has been a great inspiration and allowed me to not have to think about beautiful design. It’s all there, ready to use and with a few clicks, customized to my colors and brand. Love them!”


“Your modular photo card saved me so much time you don't even know and my clients LOVED them. These modular packs make it so easy for the client to get just what they want and save me the time of going back and forth guessing which design they would like best. Just wanted to say thank you and I love everything you all create, I own over half of it, ha ha! Thanks again and keep being fabulous!”


“I overheard at the wedding I just shot, where I provided a guestbook with the interactive template: "OMG, this is the coolest guest book I've ever seen!!!”


“I am totally seeing my sales go up because of your wall collages and storyboards….people LOVE them. I can not tell you how many compliments I got this Christmas on the templates. Thanks so much for the beautiful work that you create and sell!”


“I just started selling your wall galleries and had 6 orders within the week. I think that speaks for itself! You have beautiful stuff… I would love to be able to do it on my own, but with 4 kids and a small biz, I have to give up something. And you have what I would create if I could… it´s a perfect fit for my style.”


“You have improved my life so much! Album design usually took me ages, it was this black hole that just sucked up my time. Then I stumbled onto your website and found your album layouts and now I’m getting albums done in a third of the time. I love your products… they are user friendly and I always feel super inspired when working with them. I’m so proud of my work!”


“I always refused to purchase items that had been pre-designed because, after all, I am a designer! When I decided to switch over to photography I simply did not have any time to create something that had the same look and attention to detail as I could when that’s all I was focused on. Your team has given me back my life and allowed my company to keep the look that soars above the rest!”


“I purchased the Wedding Day Client Magazine and have already designed a wedding invite with it. The clients loved it and said it was exactly what they were looking for!”


“We love the Design Aglow team and completely confident they have the best solution for out marketing needs. A collection of predesigned marketing collateral was a perfect fit to get our ball rolling. In fact, it was so easy to use, we made a wedding, HS senior, and a boudoir collection in one evening. This is my best advice - IF you are struggling with a professional and concise look for your business, use Design Aglow. Trust me, I'm a professional. LOL Thanks for making our lives easier and making us look great!”


“I was wandering one day, looking for good design inspiration and alas… I found Design Aglow and instantly fell in love! What a fresh, creative, fun way to use photography and design for everyday solutions. I plan on using Design Aglow for inspiration and creation. In a world full of bad design, THANK YOU for sharing good design!”


“Every single time I buy a new template from Design Aglow, it feels like my birthday! I am never disappointed! And then I am even more blown away when I realize how easy they are to use. Thanks for offering such a killer service!”


“I am a photographer in a resort location where most of my clients are on vacation and I do not see them again in the purchasing process. I gave out the Selling A Showpiece Portrait: Client Guide at my sessions this summer and I have definitely seen an increase in wall portrait sales because of it.”


“Design Aglow is absolutely my favorite resource for templates. Great designs, and they are constantly coming up with brilliant ideas. Thank you!”


“I recently purchased the Welcome Wedding Packet and am happier than happy. This has saved not only time but headache with trying to write copy, brand it, edit the images and include everything necessary for a successful photography business. The usability of these designs is perfect.”


“I just purchased the Pinnable Modern Mood Boards. I debated and debated on whether to get them, whether they would suit my needs. Well, I just downloaded and opened the file. Let me say, they are AMAZING!! There are so many layouts – more than shown in the previews. That was such a pleasant surprise. I cannot wait to get started using these great modern tools! Thank you!”


“I love so many of Design Aglow's amazing tools for photographers to help us run our business and market to the right clients. I am so grateful to have the Senior Welcome Packet to help me launch a successful Senior Campaign this year, thanks to Design Aglow.”


“Design Aglow has helped shape our business from the start. It makes our lives that much easier to know that everything from our wedding contract right down to our website design has been professionally created and designed.”


“I have purchased about a hundred different planner systems over my lifetime, and quite honestly The Big Picture speaks my language. I do not think that I have ever started a year so clear on MY goals and how to make them realities. This planner is customizable enough to fit my needs and rigid enough to show me what I didn't even know I needed. It’s definitely made for the creative person's mind.”


Welcome Packets:

“Everyone who sees my welcome packet is always gushing over how well it’s written and professionally presented!”


“To hire a writer and designer to create a welcome packet would cost more than what my budget allows. So, instead, for $97 and an hour, you can have a professional package that separates you from other photographers. This is something that shows you care and want to leave a lasting impression.”


“I bought a Welcome Packet mostly because of the professional writing included. In addition to the wording, you get a great looking design, and the templates are easily customizable. I love these templates!”


“I purchased the Newborn Welcome Packet. After several days of thinking whether or not to buy it, I’m soooo lucky that I made this decision. I have the Portrait and Wedding welcome packets and many others of your products already, but the newborn packet is just fabulous! The design, the text and all of the information are exactly what I need. Thank you so much for this perfect new product!”


“I have needed a Portrait Photography Welcome Packet for a very, very long time. These templates are beautiful and so easy to customize! I've just sent out my first batch to my clients and feel more confident about everyone being on the same page now thanks to how well worded each of these templates are. Thank you Design Aglow!”


Product Mockups:

“The styling, the angles, the overall look of your mockups deserves an A+. On top of that, the instructions that were sent along with it to help place your own image, was easy to understand.”


“My clients were delighted to see what their photos would look like before they ordered.”


“Because of the mock up I have sold a album to almost every single client.”


“I really didn't feel like photographing products for my site so this was a godsend! It made my life easier and the mockup was super easy to use!”


“Thank you so much for designing something that truly helps me sell!”


“The mock ups are a perfect way to show my clients how beautiful their framed images could look!”


Business Tools:

“I have been stressing about creating literature for my clients. I knew what I wanted to offer and what I wanted to say, but making it all look amazing and cohesive was my challenge. Your templates have helped me streamline everything. Easy to use & edit - I love that there's PSD & InDesign files. Thank you so much!”


“I just wanted to pass along a thank you for your Studio Email Assistant. I stop by once in a while to see your beautiful work and I’m excited to keep in touch a bit more via your newsletter. The Email Assistant hit the spot and I appreciate your time it took to put it together. I can’t imagine the amount of hours you’ve saved so many photographers.”


“Thanks so much for the Studio Email Assistant. Seriously GREAT set of emails. We’ve had so many portrait clients really wanting their digital files and have been at a loss on how to respond in a better way than we already do. These emails are perfect!!!!!”


“I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you again for the wonderful tools that help grow our business. The ProSelect Inspire Guide plugin is hands down the best money we’ve ever invested in our sales room.”


“I just purchased the Studio Email Assistant and as I’m reading through them I just sighed in relief. So this is how I can better answer all those confusing client questions.”


“I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I LOVE all of your offerings I have bought tons and my clients are so impressed with my welcome packet, portrait contracts and forms, etc… You guys really do a great job! Your products are beyond gorgeous and you have a ton of different designs, plus your customer service is so organized and it makes it so easy to shop.”


“I’m in love…with DESIGN AGLOW!!! I am a photographer, who would be a designer if I could split myself in two. Storey Wilkins told me about you and I have told every photographer I have spoken to since. I’ve just received my trifold portrait guide from the lab and I can’t wait to hand them out to clients. If it was possible to hug over email – I’d be giving you a big hug right now! Thanks!”


“I am just so stinking happy right now! I have mentioned how my sales have been increasing dramatically over the past few months after incorporating collections ($1200 to $2500 range) and the Design Aglow wall galleries. My sales used to be all over the place, but since selling wall galleries I have been seeing very consistent sales around the $2K mark…which is HUGE for me. Well, today I have to give my thanks again! I just had my largest sale ever at today’s ordering session coming in just barely under $3K! I can’t even describe how happy I am! I swear, If I had a little “bow down to you” emoticon I would totally be using it right now. THANKS FOR THE HELP ON MY BIGGEST SALE!”


“I love it how professional the Inspire Guide: Show & Sell Wall Galleries is. I created two printed guides, one for boudoir and one for family portraits for clients to choose wall galleries from. My first client said it makes it so much easier for her to order portraits and ensure they will look great on her wall. The best thing about this guide is that all sizes are already calculated, and put together in attractive designs, which would be time and energy consuming to do yourself. I am very happy with this purchase!”


“I have tried every planner made for photographers/business owners. The Big Picture Planner is the only planner that has helped me get organized and stay focused on my goals. I am a forever client now!”



“I've had a decent photography contract for the last few years, but yours takes my professionalism to a whole different level.”


“My legal contract was a headache up until this point. Your wedding photography contract template made it so easy and helps me sleep at night knowing I am covered.”


“Your contracts are exactly what I needed to create protection for my business and collect info from my client! So pretty and very easy to use!”


“I have been struggling for a while to create portrait forms that have a professional and consistent look to them, as well as proper verbiage. Having Essential Portrait Photography Forms Bundle made everything so much easier. From the Complete Legal Portrait Agreement to the Client Feedback Form, it makes having all my legal bases covered that much easier. Worth every penny I spent on it!”


“I love being able to add my own personal touch to an important part of my customer service. Templates are very easy to use - thanks so much for making this part of my job easy!”



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