Jennifer Marie Matthews-Howell

“The moment I found Design Aglow, I knew it was gold. I have every issue, almost all the posing guides, and too many awesome ways to create wonderful gifts, products and ways sell my business! Without Design Aglow, I would be lost. It saves time and fits perfectly with my style. I am itching to get my next issue to devour! If asked what one piece of equipment I couldn’t live with out… it would be DA.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Design Aglow!!!!”

Kym Berry

“What can I say about Design Aglow – it is definitely ★★★★★ – if your wanting something hip & fab to offer your clients than this is the place to get it.  Devine & fresh!! Whenever I am wanting anything new for my biz, whether its marketing, templates or just to be inspired, this is the place I head to first!”

Wendy Collins

Wendy J. Collins Photography

“Every single time I buy a new template from Design Aglow, it feels like my birthday! I get giddy and can’t wait to start playing around with the designs. I am never disappointed! Every design is so classy and modern and just plain cool. And then I am even more blown away when I realize how easy they are to use. Thanks for offering such a killer service!”

Steph Massey

Stephanie Massey Photography

“I wanted to congratulate you on the amazing number of new product releases you have made. You have been a very busy company and I look forward to seeing what else is to come. Although I love just about every one of your products, some of them you know you are going to buy before you get to the end of the description! I just purchased the Treasured Jewel Calendar Templates and I love them. Showing the idea of the spiral binding was something I would not of thought of while initially looking at the templates and so a huge time saver for me in creating the perfect gift or add on for my clients.  Thanks again for your wonderful work.”

Nicole Neff

“Not only are the products fabulous, but so is the customer service. More than a year after purchasing Sweet 16 and Sweet 16 Circles, I realized I had lost them when my computer crashed a few months before. Design Aglow to the rescue! I sent them an email and by the end of the day they had sent me a new link to download them again. I ♥ Design Aglow!”

Carrie Lyzenga

Lyzenga Photography

“I was wandering one day, looking for good design inspiration and alas… I found Design Aglow and instantly fell in love! What a fresh, creative, fun way to use photography and design for everyday solutions. I plan on using Design Aglow for inspiration and creation. In a world full of bad design, THANK YOU for sharing good design!!”

Susan Sidoriak

Silverbox Creative Studio

“I just wanted to pass along a thank you for your Studio Email Assistant. I stop by once in a while to see your beautiful work and I’m excited to keep in touch a bit more via your mailing list. The Email Assistant hit the spot and I appreciate your time it took to put it together. I can’t imagine the amount of hours you’ve saved so many photographers.”

Heather Krakora

“Thanks so much for the Studio Email Assistant! Seriously GREAT set of emails!  LOVE them! We’ve had so many portrait clients really wanting their digital files and have been at a loss on how to respond in a better way than we already do. These emails are perfect!!!!!”

Lillian Hoyt

Lillian Hoyt Photography

“I just purchased the Simple Luxuries Album Template to create my first-ever wedding album. I am so impressed with the actions that came with it. What a huge time saver. You really thought of everything on that one. Thank you for making my job that much easier!”


Studio B Portraits

“I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you again for the wonderful tools that help grow our business.  The ProSelect Inspire Guide plugins are hands down the best money we’ve ever invested in our sales room.”

Alex Stead

Alex Stead Photography

“Just wanted to say that I bought the Inspire Guide 4 today, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been lusting after it since it came out, but my mind couldn’t comprehend spending over $100 for a digital download?! But I figured that if I wanted it, it would be better to buy now before the price goes up ;) I hesitantly printed off my fave collections on cardstock and brought it along to my ordering session tonight… and I made my biggest sale EVER with a canvas wall gallery, more than twice my average sale – on a client who hadn’t had any intention of buying canvas, or a gallery! The guide completely paid for itself ten times over. Thanks so much for making such an easy to use product! I’ll definitely be using Design Aglow more often!”

Carolien Joubert

Carolien & Ben Photography

“You have improved my life so much! Album design usually took me ages, it was this black hole that just sucked up my time. Then I stumbled onto your website and found your album layouts and now I’m getting albums done in a third of the time. I love your products… they are user friendly and I always feel super inspired when working with them.  I’m so proud of my work and even the printers compliment it now!”

Julie Hughes

“Love, love, love your site! I was inspired, bought a template and plan to spend more time exploring what you have to offer!!”

Jennifer Wilcox

Jennifer Wilcox Photography

“Desing Aglow’s products are so versatile that I never hesitate to use a product created for a totally different market than my own. When I first started out I spent hours trying to find things similar to but cheaper than the to die for products I was seeing on the Design Aglow website. I learned my lesson the hard way. You get what you pay for. These designers are brilliant. Every penny I spend brings my studio and myself some much deserved free time.”

Laurel Housden

“I created a full page advertisement for a local family magazine. I wanted to convey my love of whimsy and vintage to prospective clients and the Objects of My Affection template was perfect. I love the soft colors and just a touch of finish to the background I used from the Charmed Life template. It usually takes me days to create an ad from scratch but I had this done in less than an hour and I couldn’t be more happier!”

Tosha Lijewski

Tosha Cole Photography

“I just wanted to take a few minutes out of my busy day to thank each and every one of you at Design Aglow! I have purchased many things from you over the short time span of one year. From the moment I came across this site I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and I looked up and, oh, it was Design Aglow!

I just purchased the Studio Email Assistant and as I’m reading through them I just sighed in relief. So this is how I can better answer those confusing questions like re-shoots or other photographers wanting a session with me. I have also purchased your Portrait Client Consult Form, the Legal Portrait Contract, two of your beautifully designed albums and am planning on purchasing two of the senior grad invite designs.

I always refused to purchase items that had been pre-designed because, after all, I am a designer! When I decided to switch over to photography I simply did not have any time to create something that had the same look and attention to detail as I could when that’s all I was focused on. Your team has given me back my life and allowed my company to keep the look that soars above the rest!


Lindsay Fletcher

Lindsay Lou Photography

“I’m getting ready to relocate my business and want to focus my energy on Senior Portraits. I’ve been looking for a COMPLETE marketing set – and I finally found it. Thank you so much for putting this COMPLETE set together – it has EVERYTHING that I was looking for all wrapped into one set! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith Photography

I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I LOVE all of your stuff! I have bought tons of it and my clients are so impressed with my welcome packet, my new blog, portrait contracts and other forms, etc… You guys really do a great job! Your products are beyond gorgeous and you have a ton of different designs, plus your customer service is so organized and it makes it so easy to shop. I also really love that you advertise regularly to let us know what your newest products are. I hope this doesn’t sound cheesy, but I enjoy hearing about when my clients are pleased and thought you deserved to hear a compliment on your work! Have a great day!

Leigh Tynan

Tynan Studio

I’m in love…with DESIGN AGLOW!!! I am a photographer, who would be a designer if I could split myself in two.  My new favorite treat to myself is enjoying a cup of java while reading a part of your latest issue.  I save it for a Friday afternoon treat!  Storey Wilkins told me about you and I have told every photographer I have spoken to since.  I’ve just received by trifold portrait guide from White House Custom Color and I can’t wait to hand them out to clients.  If it was possible to hug over email – I’d be giving you a big hug right now! Thanks! “

Brigitte Elise

Brigitte Elise Photography

“I am constantly inspired by Design Aglow! I’ve made many Fabulous purchases all which have helped grow my business to a new and wonderful level of creativity. The Design Aglow issues are always a source for new ideas and creativity. I used your packaging technique from your 3rd issue and absolutely LOVE it (so do my clients ;) . Keep up the Amazing Work!!!!”


Photography by Erin Vey

“Hello!  I just had to take a quick moment to say how much I love what you all are doing.  Being in the photographic community for a while now, I have seen many photographers branch off to create and sell items.  To be honest, most of it is just downright messy and sloppy.  I love the Design Aglow shop.  It is so refreshing to see nice, clean, modern, simple goodies for sale.  I just bought the Alphabet Book and couldn’t be happier with how easy it is to create a book.  I can’t wait to finally order the Asuka sample book that I have been putting off for 2 years for fear of the design time. Can’t wait for the next issue!”

Olivia Fey

Fey Photography

“I am so excited over the actions and borders I just purchased. I don’t know whether to pee my pants in excitement or cry over gratitude. You just made my life a lot easier (and my photos more awesome).  Thanks for your work!”


Adele Reding Photography

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the incredible workshop and for all of your contributions and generous spirit. I’ve been a big Design Aglow fan since it first launched; it’s exactly what I’ve needed and has made a HUGE difference in our studio. Thanks again for everything.”

Shelley Arminio

Monkeyface Portrait Photography

“I just wanted to thank you for making these beautiful designs available. They suit my photography style perfectly. I have been an admirer of Lena’s portraiture for awhile and I know that if she endorses anything it’s bound to be gorgeous!”


Visible Images Photography

“Your shop, your blog, your magazine…are all INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for doing what you do. Thank you for helping photographers by providing us with such excellent tools for our businesses. I sincerely wish you all continued success.”


Rodney Mickle Photographer

“I am really impressed with the work you have put into the magazine and the resources and information that you’ve gathered and made readily available. This is easily months and months of time consuming research to find this information that you’ve concisely put together for the photographic community. I look forward to getting and reading future issues.  Keep up the good work!”


Sarah Goodman Photography

“I finally had a chance to read over the newsletter….It’s so great and filled with so much *useful* information. I LOVED it!  I am totally seeing my sales go up because of these wall collages and storyboards….people LOVE them. I can not tell you how many compliments I got this Christmas from the templates.  Thanks so much for the beautiful work that you create and sell! I LOVE it!”


Lindsey Potter Photography

“I am just soooooo stinking happy right now!  I have mentioned how my sales have been increasing dramatically over the past few months after incorporating collections ($1200 to $2500 range) and the Design Aglow wall galleries. My sales used to be all over the place, but since the collections and galleries I have been seeing very consistent sales around the $2K mark…which is HUGE for me.  Well, today I have to give my thanks again! I just had my largest sale ever at today’s ordering session coming in juuuuuust barely under $3K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a newborn session and they got my largest package and added on some other enlargements for wall galleries too. I can’t even describe how happy I am! I swear, If I had a little “bow down to you” emoticon I would totally be using it right now.  THANKS FOR THE HELP ON MY BIGGEST SALE!!!!!!!

Courtney Price

“I just made my first order of templates and ordered 6 canvases within the week. I think that speaks for itself! You have beautiful stuff… I would love to be able to do it on my own, but with 4 kids and a small biz, I have to give up something. And you have what I would create if I could… it´s a perfect fit for my style. Thanks guys!”

Fig Tree Photography

“Thanks so much for all the great products you offer. I live in Australia and the baby announcement cards I recently purchased have been a huge hit! Thank you Design Aglow.”

Joe Rumore

“I love using the proof borders and templates! It has definitely enhanced my marketing look and adds a tremendous amount of value to everyday products. I can´t wait to see what´s coming out next!”

Jenn Galloway

“I happened upon Jesh De Rox´ blog post a few days ago and was thrilled to see that there is an issue number 5! Only half way through, but I really do love each and every article and discovering new techniques and also other photographers that inspire me to work harder and do better. Thank you!”


Essential Imagery

My brain just exploded from awesomeness overload. Lena, what have you done? ;)”

Tom Brodigan

“When exposed to a vision such as yours, I can only say “thank you.”  When I played saxophone in college and a bit after that, hearing Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and others, would alternately make me want to grab my horn and “just go!”  Or just put it away, accept my (non)place at the table, and be content to listen, love and share their gift with others.  Thanks so much for helping us all become more inspired – to be ourselves, but more than what we are now.  To be who we can be. I really feel that way.  No one does what you do.”

Christi Traster

Snickerdoodles Photography

“Hello Design Aglow! Just wanted to let you know how much I love, love, LOVE the alphabet bling set. It is so versatile – really. I’m finding that I am using it for lots of different projects! It’s sooooo yummy. Yum.

I also am in loooooove with your overlays – both the art graffiti and the fairytale set. They just add something special to the photos – not expected, but once you see them, you get the warm fuzzies. :) Thank you for such amazing products!”


Nancy Elizabeth Photography

“You totally rock, both with your service and care and especially with your products.  You deserve wild success. “

Kimberly Wylie

“Seriously, your work and everything you guys do is amazing. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!”

Sinead Cooke

Studio Sinead

“Design Aglow’s innovations and creativity continue to amaze me and to delight my clients.”

Tira J Young

Tira J Photography

“I wanted to just write in to tell you how much I LOVE Design Aglow. I have purchased every single issue thus far!”

Megan Barge

“I love Design Aglow’s products!!!!  They rock!”


Carrie Owens Photography

“I couldn’t be happier with Design Aglow as a storefront and blog, and your customer service has been excellent as well. Thanks again!”

Dee Jones

Cocoriah Photo

“I think all of you are brilliant and make our lives as photographers so much better. Thank you so much for all the hard work!!”

Peggy Garbus

“Love all you do! Thank you for sharing your design aesthetic. It certainly inspires me.”


Kae Hall Photography

” I have been “feeding” from your blogs the last few days. It may sound crazy but there`s nothing but huge plates of soul food to be found on your website.

I opened my photography business last year and have been doing this part time with the hope to move into full time. I studied Art Film in London but have been stuck at a desk job the last few years in Germany. My boyfriend told me to go pick up that camera damnit and at the same time I did my first wedding for free and realized what was missing. I had been wilting away.

I still have some ways to go but you guys are getting me there fast. The information, kindness and pure fire of inspiration is just so abundant here – I am actually crying.

I live in Germany and the area I am in is soo competative/territorial that there is no sharing of ideas, no where I can assist and learn, so I am all on my own and the books out there aren’t givning me the answers/information I need anymore. What I found on your site – is like coming home.

I have been trying to reinvent the wheels of my busines (marketing and my business image as a whole) – while I like simplicity and elegance I am also a bit silly, love a good laugh and work with the heart. The products you have speak to me on all levels.

I am fired – ready to go and all engines reving! I have a client coming for a wedding consultation and I am in the middle of redesigning my studio/gallery/reception area and I have lots of ideas from you site that I will implent (1st round) for my wedding clients- then I will back (2nd round) for my portrait clients.

I just wanted really to say thank you. Thank you very much and I am so glad I found you guys.”

Dana Moss

“Design Aglow makes my heart melt. I have to refrain myself from buying everything they have. I’m inspired every time I gaze my eyes upon their designs. <3″


“Design Aglow – What’s not to love about them. Every time I get on the site I see not only amazing designs, but useful business builders too. I’ve purchased so many templates and plugins, but Design Aglows’ are far superior. I bought the Studio Look Book DELUXE a few weeks back. Worth every penny. Design Aglow, you rocks my socks off!”


“Design Aglow has been a great inspiration and allowed me to not have to think about beautiful design. Its all there, ready to use and with a few clicks, customized to my colors and brand. Love them!”

Rebecca Mitchell

“I love Design Aglow’s fresh approach to marketing. They keep things current and simple making it an investment that won’t go out of style. Love it!”

Eda Higren

“I love that Design Aglow does all the work for you! There products allow photographers to spend less time worrying about the business side and more time behind the camera.”

Cindy Irene

“I really like how you offer products that are not available elsewhere, very unique.”

Nickole Drake

“I love Design Aglow because although the designs are made for you…they are always modern, up to date, stylish, beautiful, and perfect for marketing my business!”

Heather Byrd

“I love everything about Design Aglow. I’ve purchased many templates and other products and absolutely adore all of them. I don’t know what I would do without Design Aglow. I love, love, love the Lookbook and have received sooo many compliments on it.”


“I can not tell you how happy I am that I found your company! Everything you sell/market have been unfinished thoughts in my head because I haven’t been able to find the exact thing you offer! THANK YOU SO much!”


“I wonder if you ever get such request from other photographers, but PLEASE, please give your creative team a small break! You are making something wonderful almost everyday, something I gotta have, please give me a chance to get a little cash in before I go out and spend it all on Design Aglow.”

Amanda Hart

“I love reading these fabulous fan shares that you do, they are so inspirational!”

Kerri Varner

“Thank you Thank you Thank you for this site! As a small, but growing photography studio, I can’t wait to plunder all the goodies here – amazing! “

Jack Hollingsworth

“I’ve been obsessing the past day or so on your online magazines. They are just so beautiful and inspirational. Wow. Thank you so very much.
My wife is a graphic designer by trade so I’ve lived most of my life on the “design” side of things. You rock. Just had to give you a shout out and tell you how much Iappreciate what you do. Really.”

Paula Tizzard

“I want to take moment to thank you for all the inspiration I get form your site…it has totally become my “go to” site when I am feeling brain dead, and it keeps me on my toes. I think half the battle of running a successful business is not becoming complacent and stagnant, and every time I visit the site, I get a jolt!”

Elena Gormely

“I love, love, love everything about Design Aglow. Thank you for keeping life and photography fresh for us all!!!”

Melinda Smith

“YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your products and so do my clients!”

Maile Wilson

“I’ve been a huge fan of Design Aglow since it started a few years ago. You guys do amazing work, and really manage to stay on the cutting edge with what’s going on in the industry. Thanks, and keep up the good work. You guys rock! “

Rya Boyce

As a new business owner and photographer, I wanted to extend a special thank you to Design Aglow for your wonderful suite of products. Not only do your products provide me with inspiration, they help boost my sales on a regular basis. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each new post. Your templates are creative and easy to use and truly help me make custom art for my clients. Thank you Design Aglow!

Andrea Dozier

“Design Aglow not only offers amazing, customizable products… they also offer heaps of inspiration & information that will help take your business to another level!”

Lisa Tilley-Newman

“I don’t know if I have a favorite Design Aglow product, but I know I have yet to be disappointed.   Your products and templates make my life and business easier :)”

Kim Spears

“I am a HUGE fan of Design Aglow and their AMAZING products. They have allowed me to create products that have been a massive hit with my clients and have helped me improve my sales in countless ways. I ♥ Design Aglow!!”


Geneve Hoffman Photography

“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been buying all your products for the past 2 years and I can’t believe how incredibly versatile all your amazing designs have been for my business.  I would have spent tens of thousands of dollars for a custom graphic artist for all these products, and they wouldn’t have been as perfectly modern and beautiful.  Just wanted to write and say…thank you, thank you, thank you…can’t wait to see what you do next!  You are a stylish photographers’ best friend.”

Rich Smith

Best photography templates on the web. So glad we found you!”

Jessica Ashley

“My clients always comment on how amazing my brochures look, I bet they never guess that I print them in my home…thank you Design Aglow!”

Christine Gacharna

“Design Aglow makes all my favorite templates! Simple, clean, fun designs.”

Jen Burcham Saner

“Fabulous, easy-to-use templates! Whenever I am in need of a little design inspiration I head to the site or pull out a copy of the magazine. But beware, the blog is addicting!!”

Anne Reuter

“LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE Design Aglow! everything you do is out of this world amazing! I check the design aglow blog daily… so many inspirations and all those amazing products… I couldn’t live without!”

Elisabeth Nixon

“Hands down, some of the best templates ANYWHERE.  Not to mention the idea shares and product images that get shared regularly – a source of inspiration in so many ways :)  I check the blog every day!  Best ideas, awesome products – love you guys!”

Diane Villanueva

Diane Villanueva Photography

“I love your work and the efforts and knowledge you are sharing with us photographers.  All you have to offer is exactly what I need to make my images come out of the woodwork!  :)  Thanks.”