Questions About My Order

Questions About My Order

I placed an order and didn’t get a confirmation email. What should I do?

This is a problem commonly caused by an overactive spam filter. Our system generates a receipt email with every purchase and sends it to the email address that you signed up with. If you didn’t get this email chances are that either your order was not processed for some reason or that the email was gobbled up in various spam filters either on your server or email client.

Try going into your spam filter and searching for the message. Or (this is much easier, by the way) try logging into your account to see the details of your purchase. If the system doesn’t recognize your email address, chances are your order did not go through. This can be due to a bad connection or a glitch within our system. You should try your purchase again.

I can’t login to my account.

This is probably due to either an incorrect email address or incorrect password. You may only login with the information you signed up with originally at checkout.  Try to recover your password by clicking on the "My Account" button and then clicking the "Forgot Your Password?" link. If the system doesn’t recongize your email address you should try signing up with another email and password as it probably didn’t register with the system the first time.

I forgot my password.

No problem. Recover your password by clicking on the "My Account" button and then clicking the "Forgot Your Password?" link. Make sure that you enter the email address that you signed up with at checkout. 

My download password has expired. What do I do?

We highly recommend downloading your purchase as soon as possible after checking out. Download passwords are only valid for one week after the purchase is made. 

I have two computers. One at my studio and one at home. Can’t I download the product twice so that I have it in both locations?

We have no problem with you keeping the product on both your studio and home computer. What we recommend is that you download the product to your main computer and use a thumb drive or other portable drive to copy the product to another machine.