ProPhoto FAQs


Is Prophoto 5 required to use your designs?

Yes, our most recent designs are built using Prophoto 5.

Why am I getting an error message when I upload the zip file as a Wordpress theme?

Prophoto designs are uploaded through Prophoto > Manage Designs, not through Appearance > Themes. Select “Upload design zip”. After uploading, you will be able to activate the design in the inactive designs list.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes, as with any Prophoto design, your logo can replace the default one.

Can I use my own custom font?

Yes, as long as it is licensed to be converted to a web font using Font Squirrel, then it can be uploaded through the Prophoto Fonts settings. Alternatively, Google Fonts can now be easily added.

Does the front page of my site have to be a blog list or can it be a static page or splash page?

Yes, you can change the front page to be a static page instead of the blog, then link the blog page in the menu. To do that, follow the instructions on the Prophoto support site: When I activate the design, the menu links don’t go anywhere. How can I make them link to my pages or to sites outside of my website?

Go to Prophoto > Customize > Menus > Primary Menu and edit each of the menu links.
More info on the Prophoto site:
I only have Photoshop Elements and wanted to know if this is going to be a problem in trying to activate the design.

Which version of Photoshop Elements do you have? Some support layers, which is required if you want to customize the graphic elements included with any of our designs. Elements does not support masking or clipping, so the Photoshop CS is highly recommended if you want full control of customizing the graphics. Otherwise, you can still use the design as is with the default elements.

The Prophoto design I’m interested in doesn’t show a sidebar in the demo. Can I add one?

Yes, as with any Prophoto design, a sidebar can be added. However, if the design doesn’t show a sidebar in the demo specifically, then it is up to you to style the sidebar settings. To show the sidebar on certain page: