Exclusive courses on the photography business, creativity and
innovation from today's best and brightest industry pro's.

Get strategic and motivational educational materials curated by photographers that have shaken the status quo and altered the photography industry as we know it.

From insights on how to conduct your business, to fueling your creative soul and innovating your marketing regime, we’ve gathered the experts to teach and share their big ideas so you can strengthen your entrepreneurial talent and flex your creativity in a fresh direction.

Each course contains 60+ minutes of engaging education from the pros.

Info packed... No fluff, no rockstar
“look-at-me" slideshows, no BS.

Each course comes with a complementary guide to help faciliate your learning.


Featuring courses from incredible educators like Kirk Mastin, Julie Paisley, Natalie Franke, and more!

After more than 20 years in the business, photographer & author Lena Hyde has uncovered the secrets to creating an effective workflow system for successful IPS sessions. In this 4-part educational series, she'll walk you through all of her tips & tricks and help you get on the path to success.

Come away with the knowledge and fool-proof steps to set up your very own workflow for IPS.

If you're using social media for your business without a strategy in place, you're setting yourself up for failure. It's that simple. From content creation to optimization to engagement—Natalie explains simple strategies that you can implement to get your work in front of potential customers and expand your reach on social media.

Come away with tools to grow your Instagram platform
to reach potential clients and build collaborative relationships.

Learn how to attract more same sex couples by making your business more LGBTQ friendly. You’ll discover how to be a true ally to the community and how to be inclusive in your marketing messages. Jamie will explain why showcasing your businesses diversity is important and share her essentials for making LGBTQ couples comfortable.

Come away with concrete plans, messaging strategies and effective ways to include the LGBTQ community into your business while staying true to your brand and aesthetic.


Instead of spending countless hours looking outward to others for inspiration, this course will show you how to be motivated by the real moments occurring right before your eyes. Find your creative voice by being present in your daily life, whether those moments be personal or professional.

Come away with fresh creative exercises to cultivate authentic ways of evoking emotion from families to couples and everything in between. You’ll discover new approaches for your sessions to fully infuse your unique voice while creating imagery that you and your clients will fall in love with.

As creatives we need our voice to be clear and consistent. Are you asking yourself: Who am I? What am I trying to say to the world? Whether you want your clients to know exactly what to expect when they hire you, your Instagram feed to be beautifully cohesive, or your personal work to be completely recognizable, having a clear voice is everything for your brand. By digging deep within yourself and own work, Carolyn will guide you to a clearer focus of who you are as an artist.

Come away with the tools you need to to find your authentic artistic self; the artist that you want to be.

As an artist, creating personal work is vital. With no deadlines, rules, timelines... there is only your creative medium and your mind. Jacob will demonstrate how act of creating personal work is where new ideas and directions are born, shaping future client work or even more personal work. He will inspire you to explore your imagination to open up new creative directions we didn’t even realize we had within us. Jacob will inspire you to turn it on and turn it up.

Come away with a strong desire to get past fear and your own thoughts and break through to discover who you really are as an artist.

It’s a well known fact in this industry that social media like Instagram and Facebook have great potential for growing your business and your reach. This course will show you exactly how to use your social accounts to gain positive public perception, launch networking efforts, create lasting relationships and convert your community into a huge source of business referrals.

Come away with tangible guidance and motivation for conveying your brand’s voice and effectively growing your social platforms quickly and effectively in order to bring in more local awareness, referrals and clients.

Discover why most photographers are wasting their time with old methods for blogging and marketing. Learn how to create one blog post that will bring in 80% of your new clients, and attract qualified prospects while building trust and credibility for your business.   Come away with a complete plan to launch your first set-it-and-forget-it marketing campaign.

What we do, as photographers, matters; and it matters a lot. What do people want to save when a house is burning down, being overtaken by a flood, or threatened by a tornado; what is the one possession people always hope to grab? Their photos; their irreplaceable family memories. Memories matter, and it's up to us as photographers to make sure that we capture their best selves. How do we do that? The experience.

Come away with understanding how to be adaptable, to pose like a boss, to manage expectations​, and how to literally book ALL of the bridesmaids’ future weddings by making the experience matter.



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