About Us

For over 10 years, Design Aglow has been the international leader in online resources, information, and products created for the success of professional photographers.

At Design Aglow, you’ll find instant solutions for the boutique photo studio. From Photoshop and InDesign templates and intelligent marketing tools, to turn-key selling kits and heirloom products, we have everything you need to turn your photography business into a success. Our products are always original and are recognized for setting the highest standards in the industry.

This site was created to inform, educate, and inspire, and that is what we are constantly striving to do here at Design Aglow. We have three simple goals: to save you time, to enhance your work, and to help you make more money.



One of our greatest responsibilities is to execute excellence in all of our products and services. Because our photography industry is one of constant change and technological evolution, we must evolve with current standards and best practices. A flat refusal to compromise in quality continually keeps us on top of our game.


We believe cultivating an uplifting, fun environment is key in balancing daily hard work and dedication. Business does not have to be boring and tedious….especially creative business! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and strive to be a no-yawn zone. We want you to work smart and move on to enjoy friends, family, art and life.