in just 3 short weeks
Did you know that 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily?
That every hour, about 2 million photos are uploaded to Instagram?

How many of those images are marketing your brand and putting money into your pocket?

Generate even more studio income by turning thousands of partygoers a year into potential lifelong clients—and your greatest marketing asset.
Your studio success now requires a multi-pronged approach.

Gone are the days of smile and say “cheese.”
In a saturated market of photographers you need to stand out, and stand out but without investing even more time than you’re already investing in your business.
Our Photo Booth Business Course shares proven ways industry leaders are growing wealth, all while:
• Creating your sustainable business
• Loving your job
• Being challenged in your work
• Gaining access to thousands of potential clients a year
• Continuing to grow as a coveted brand in your market!
“Last year, we finished the year with 320 events and in this month alone we have 45 events booked. We are looking to have territory managers to expand our coverage and start licensing certain areas. Last year the increased income was $300k!”
Add thousands of dollars to your monthly income stream in 3 weeks.
Our four-week, in-depth program offers intense training you won’t find anywhere else, including:
• Creating and financing your photo booth
• Crafting a solid (no tears) business plan
• Booking your very first events
• Filling up your calendar with the most effective marketing
• Hiring your team
• Mastering settings for lighting, camera settings, and more!
The Ultimate Photo Booth Course is organized into three sections and designed to be completed over 3 weeks, with a bonus section for creating a super-easy DIY photo booth for Week 4. At the end of the course, you will have:
1. learned the 3 options for starting your photo booth biz, and chosen one
2. created a complete business plan (without crying)
3. mastered logistics of legalities and financing
4. collected all the necessary equipment and supplies to start your company
5. created your brand story
6. set up an efficient workflow system
7. launched a beautiful, relevant online presence
8. differentiated your business from the competition
9. mastered the best ways to market your photo booth and fill your calendar
10. learned how to make a splash with your new business
BONUS: How to build a photo booth from scratch
Give us four weeks and we’ll work to train you
into a financially successful photo booth company owner