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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Hey, creative super star! Do you spend time at work worrying about not fulfilling your destiny? Do you dream about doing your own thing and being wildly successful? Do you feel paralyzed by taking the next steps from working from your kitchen table to getting a storefront (and a website)? Do you look at other businesses doing what you wish you could do if only you knew how to translate your talent into action?
It’s time to stop letting the fear of not knowing what to do (or how to do it) keep you from creating a solid foundation for the business you’ve been dreaming about.
“I put my plans for a business on hold because I had no idea where to start. This course is a game changer.”
— Melanie Smith
This exclusive 4-week Setting Up Shop Course takes you from brilliant idea to fully developed business. We cover everything you need to know about starting a company in an easy-to-follow format that’s designed to eliminate the guesswork and confusion involved in setting up a business--and for an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.

Our task lists and worksheets will hold your hand every step of the way. This course literally walks you through the essential to-dos that will help you build the most solid foundation possible for your creative business.
Simply use the actionable lists and worksheets included in every section, designed to guide you through the toughest tasks to build a solid foundation for your business.
week 1

is designed to set yourself up for success. You’ll get fully organized, pulling together tried and true, time-saving workflows and ideas for making the most important decisions about your business, including:

□ Creating a business binder, your ultimate organizational tool
□ Registering your business and domains
□ Finding the perfect CPA
□ Choosing your optimal business structure
□ Designing and implementing the perfect business plan
week 2

walks you through the secondary steps important for basic business success. The focus here is ensuring you comply with all local and national laws, while learning about:

□ Registering your EIN
□ Setting up bank accounts
□ Securing your business license
□ Registering your sales tax license
□ Using legal contracts
□ Obtaining business insurance
week 3

covers everything you’ll need to know regarding taxes, accounting requirements and hiring contractors or employees.

□ Master tax requirements for entrepreneurs
□ Choose your perfect accounting system and prep for tax time
□ Keep organized records that comply with tax laws
□ Hire and pay contractors vs employees
week 4

prepares you for launching (or relaunching) your creative business by building an effective online presence, including your website, social media platforms and email marketing structure. You will learn how to:

□ Create a beautiful and effective website on a budget
□ Use social media to draw traffic to your brand
□ Build and leverage your mailing list for marketing superiority
This course is for you if…
□  You’re a creative who wants to build a business but don’t know where to begin
□  You’re overwhelmed with business structure, licenses, taxes and creating your online presence
□  You’ve skipped important tasks when you first launched your business
□  You want to make sure that your existing business is set up the right way
□  You can’t afford to fail
□  You know education is the key to success
□  You want to learn business through the eyes (and based on needs) of a creative, not a business school nerd
We hear all the time that
of small
businesses fail
What we don’t hear about is why the majority of those businesses fail. Statistically speaking, it can feel like your creative business is doomed before you even get started. But friend, this is exactly why we designed this course… to help you beat the statistics! And thrive.

A large number of entrepreneurs skip the most important steps to creating a solid foundation that ensures success. Why?

Because they simply don’t take the time to organize themselves, learn what is required by law, and set up systems for getting the basics of ownership accomplished quickly and effectively.

Let’s face it. Putting together a firm business footing is difficult. It’s stressful. It’s boring. And the whole point of doing what you love is just that--doing what you love. Are we right?
“I love owning a business, but everyone wants to jump into doing the things they want to do, like taking photos, blogging, creating art, etc., and have the 'I'll do that later' mentality. Then later never comes, and before you know it, you've dug yourself into a pricing or legal hole. By getting the not-so-fun biz stuff out of the way, you make way more time for doing what you actually love, and why you're starting your own business in the first place.”
— Lauren, Planet Creative
We feel you. That’s why, with these systems in place, you’ll never look back….unless, of course, you want to congratulate yourself for being ahead of 95% of the competition, right from the start. And that’s where we plan for you to be.
“Wow. I’m a business professional, but I wish I had these educational tools available to me when I started. Sure, my university offered business startup classes, but nothing that caters to creatives and the special needs we have to just jump right in.”
— John Jacobsen, Mid-Century Mod
Imagine spending your time moving forward with fresh ideas, creativity and growth. Because you are confident that you have your s%*# together. And, doesn’t that sound fabulous and stress-free?
Creatives, we live in exciting times where anyone with a great idea and a good work ethic can run a thriving business. Our goal is to make getting started on the path to success even easier by providing you with detailed information and actionable tasks every step of the way!

We’ve eliminated the problem of not knowing what to do or how to do it. All you have to do is get started. And, better yet, it won’t even cost you as much as that cute pair of boots you’re rocking.

Unlike other classes that run eight weeks (with what spare time?), don’t cover ALL the basics and charge $500 or more, we respect your time and your wallet–and for a fraction of the cost any workshop of this caliber.
“I’ve got a busy life with a full-time job and a side hustle. Knowing this class is not only here for me, and I can keep a binder to refer to for years to come is putting me on the road to where I wouldn’t be otherwise.”
— Jen Rothman

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