How to add your Affiliate ID to any Design Aglow product or blog post:

For this you will need your Design Aglow Affiliate ID number (for example, #oid=1002).

1. To find your ID, log in to your Affiliate account at Click the name of the program you're signed up for under "Offer" on the main page of your account.

2. On the next page you will see the details of that program along with your affiliate link. Your ID is everything after the Design Aglow website, starting with the "#" symbol.

3. Next, find the product or blog post that you want to promote on Design Aglow's website


4. At the end of the link in the navigation bar, paste your Affiliate ID code and hit return or enter to double check the link (if you have an error, please double check your Affiliate ID).

5. Now just copy and paste the entire link in the navigation bar into whatever social media or blog post you'd like. Your affiliate account will register your clicks and purchases (and it will work for any product purchased, not just the one you've linked to).