General Product Questions

General Product Questions

I’m new to Design Aglow. What exactly is it and how does it work?

We’ve created a quick tutorial here to show you!

Where should I get my templates printed?

There are tons of printers to choose from to print your templates and marketing materials. Whomever you choose, be absolutely sure that you contact them for their sizing, bleed and crop specs before printing your materials.  You may need to re-size to their specs or move text away from the edges. Never guesstimate and always double check with your printer before placing your order! That said, we do have a few companies that we recommend:

ProDPI for tri-fold cards, stickers, flat cards and wallet-sized accordion books;
CopyCraft for our 8 page booklets, 20 page price guides, postcards, business cards, stationery, holiday card ornaments, specialty press products;
Discmakers for short-run, printed DVDs.

I have questions regarding the acceptable use of digital products purchased from Design Aglow.  Where can I find more information?

We have set up a page dedicated to copyright and our policies on acceptable use of our products.  You can view it here.

When I buy a product from your shop will I get something physical in the mail?

Every product we sell in the shop is a digital download only.  You will not be receiving a physical product.  The images in the shop are photographs taken of actual products made with our digital templates.

I’m interested in in one of your template sets but only want to purchase one of the designs. Is it possible to purchase it separately for a discounted price?

We don’t offer products a-la-carte, only together in the original set. We are careful to price our products very fairly to make sure each template can stand on its own in value and is worth the purchase price of the entire set.

Do you offer any coupons/discounts/giveaways?

We have many requests each day for giving away products/discounts/coupons. We strongly believe in pricing all our products fairly, so our (busy) customers will not have to waste their time hunting for deals, and we will never mark a product up, just to “discount” it. We take pride in the value our products and we also want to set this example in the industry: always believe in your work and your worth.