What the pros are saying about our frames:

"Since putting these up on my studio walls and creating a catalog from the downloadable template, I have sold frame collections at 75% of my client sales meetings. Selling these has allowed my clients to receive a product ready for the wall."

- Elizabeth Clark Photography

"This collection is a client show stopper! I've had it in my studio for 3 years and it is super effective for large, multiple framed print sales."

- Lena Hyde Photography

"Collection 3 was the best return on investment ever. When my client saw the images of her children designed on the template, she said "I want that". Simple, and beautiful. I hired an expert professional to hang the images on the same day of delivery and it was a delightful experience for my client to see all the images hanging within 45 minutes of delivery. Because of these frames and templates, I am changing my workflow: now all images come framed and ready to hang on the wall. Thank you!"

- Simone Severo Photography

"What's not to like about these frames?! The variety is small enough to not be overwhelming, versatile enough to match any decor or style and appeal to multiple generations, and all at an affordable price point. That takes these frames from like to love for this photographer."

- Shaylynn Marie Photography

"We have a display of 54 framed prints in a pediatricians office. Hawthorne Silver frames look great with any image!! They make the office look more high end and upscale!"

- Sara D Harper Photography and Jess Kamm Photography

"I love the [Laurelhurst] frames because they are simple and keep the focus on the images."

- Julie, Photo Jewels Photography

"The frame is beautiful. It’s lightweight because of the [acrylic] face which I prefer."

- Lisa Cole 

"These [Hawthorne] frames are truly elegant! Well made and have a beautiful finish."

- Andie, A Visual Anthology

"Well made and beautiful - my clients love these [Sellwood] frames!"

- Alicia Rohlfing 



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