General Questions

I'm a photographer. Why would I want to sell frames?

We believe strongly in the value of selling a finished product to your clients. Presenting your photographs as works of art, to be hung on the wall and enjoyed daily, elevates your studio to the status of an atelier, a place where fine art is created. By delivering a ready-to-hang masterpiece to your clients, your studio stands out from the competition, the amateur shoot-and-burners handing off disks of photographs and ushering their clients to the local drugstore for printing.

As a one-stop resource for your clients, you have the opportunity to provide the highest quality presentation of your art, ensuring word-of-mouth referrals from the gorgeous galleries you’re creating for your clients’ homes.

Just as traditional portrait artists do, you offer added value to each piece by signing the mat and certifying its authenticity with a sticker or stamp on the backing. Framing your clients’ photos also discourages scanning--and cheap reproduction--of your work.

And by offering frames in your product lineup, you stand to make 30-50% more on each sale, with little extra work or marketing on your part. Our collection of resources makes it easy to sell frame groupings and larger prints, further amplifying your revenue!

Long story short: framing your work is a small effort that can pay big dividends, both in sales and client perception of your studio and art.

How can you help me?

Design Aglow views you as our partner in frame sales; we support you by offering resources for the selling, presentation, and marketing of your new frame line. Our downloadable templates (many of them free!), vivid inspiration, and helpful suggestions create fresh ideas for the pricing and promotion of your frames. And because we know that incorporating a new product into your lineup can be intimidating, our no initial investment policy means that you can start selling frames immediately, with zero initial outlay or risk.

Is there an initial investment to get started? Most frame wholesalers have a minimum order of $500.

Not at all! Buy as little or as much as you like, but please note that in order to keep our prices low and securely pack your shipments, 20x20 and larger a la carte frames are sold in sets of 3 or 4.

If, due to a temporary glitch in our cart system, you are able to check out with smaller quantities of 20x20 or larger frames (such as 1 or 2), Design Aglow is not responsible for any damages that are likely to result in shipping. Design Aglow also reserves the right to cancel any order that doesn't meet our minimum order quantities.

I don't live in the United States or Canada. Can I still order frames?

We apologize for any inconvenience, but the Design Aglow Frame Shop currently offers shipping only within the U.S. and Canada**. Other international addresses are coming soon. Because of the prohibitive costs of shipping frames internationally, we are currently researching cost-efficient options that will allow Design Aglow frames to be sent worldwide. That means for now, only customers with a valid US or Canada address can create an account to purchase items at the Design Aglow Frame Shop.

**We recommend that customers placing orders from Canada place separate orders for digital downloads and physical products. As you may already be aware, Canadian customers are charged additional fees on shipping from the United States, which is based on the total purchase amount. Because of this, we recommend keeping physical products separate from digital products so there are no extra shipping fees for you to pay on digital products, as we are unable to separate the invoiced amount and are not responsible for any extra charges incurred because of this.

Do you offer phone support?

All support is handled electronically to ensure we address all questions you may have and that our responses are knowledgeable, courteous, timely, and cover any questions completely. We also love to have the ability to send screen shots of anything that may help answer your questions (and vice versa).

Can I pay via eCheck?

Yes, and your order will begin to process once the eCheck clears, usually within 3-6 business days.

Why do I need to provide a tax ID/resale number?

Our pricing is wholesale, intended for photographers and artists to resell our products to their customers; therefore, we do not collect sales tax. That is the responsibility for the retail seller, which is you! We need a verifiable reseller number to make sure we are only selling to legal businesses, rather than individuals or end-consumers.

Do you offer bulk discounts if I make a really large purchase?

We are unable to offer discounted bulk rates for our products. Our pricing is offered to you at wholesale rates, and intended for resale. We are confident you will find our products offer an excellent value for their level of quality.

I placed two orders and need to combine them. What do I do?

While we will try our best to accommodate consolidated shipments, please know that we cannot guarantee any changes to orders once you have proceeded through check out. However, we are always happy to check in with our production team to see if it's a possibility. Please reach out to us as soon as possible.

I'm worried that my clients can see your Frame Shop's pricing, and they'll be upset that I'm charging them 3x markup.

We understand your concern, which is why we’ve prepared this answer that you can deliver directly to your clients. Feel free to use this in part or in whole. The key here is really education: educating your clients on how the value of your framing services far exceeds the price, and how they are purchasing a service and convenience as much as a finished product. Unless you tell your clients that their frames are from Design Aglow’s Frame Shop, there should be no reason why they would stumble across our frame prices, online or otherwise; the frames are unbranded, free from any Design Aglow labeling. You can easily replace the images of the small frames included within the Sales Catalog, or you can Photoshop our name out of the image if you'd like, as we give you the high resolution images with the catalog download. Those are the only places that the Design Aglow name is included.

Here is some suggested verbiage for your clients, if the subject happens to come up:

I buy these frames at wholesale prices, with the intention of selling them to clients bundled with added services. Besides the time spent sourcing, selecting, and purchasing these frames, I offer in-person ordering, assembly of your images in the frame, wall gallery planning, hand-delivery of your finished product, and hanging of the frames in your home. All of those costs--and all of that additional value--are factored in to the frame’s eventual price. I use archival materials and sign your images’ mats to offer you a true work of art for your walls, which gives your images worth that goes far beyond their price tag. While you could have your images framed elsewhere, I believe that the service and convenience of having me frame your images far exceeds the experience you would have at a big box store or other frame shop.

Are the frames assembled?

Yes! No more dealing with corners, parts, and pieces. We value your time and know you do not want a second job as a carpenter.

Are the frames’ mats acid-free?

Yes. Your art is safe with us. The neutral PH aka "acid free" composition throughout our 4 ply mats means that they are less susceptible to fading, yellowing, or breakdown over time. Matting your artwork under acid-free boards also ensures that the mats will not stain or damage the photographs underneath.

Can I expedite my frame order?

Our apologies: we cannot rush orders or shipments at this time. Please allocate enough time for order preparation and shipment so that you receive your frames to meet your deadlines.

Why do the a-la-carte frames have a minimum order amount of 3 or 4?

Because the frame glass (not plexi!) needs to be securely packaged, our shipping boxes are engineered to fit frames tightly for their protection. The more frames in a box, the tighter they can be packed; the more frames in a box, the less boxes we have to use. This saves money by preventing breakage and decreasing packaging costs; our pricing structure then passes those savings along to you. In order to accommodate this, we recommend offering your frames in groupings (which will increase your sales!); keeping extra frames as upsell incentives; presenting frames as a gift with purchase; displaying frames at your studio, special events, or bridal shows; and gifting frames to thank clients for a referral.

Are the Grab & Go Collections discounted?

Yes, and you do not have to order the galleries in multiples, such as with the a-la-carte frames.

BONUS: Receive 15% off your corresponding print order from ProDPI with the purchase of any Grab & Go collection. Simply buy your Grab & Go frames from the Frame Shop, then place your order for the corresponding sizes prints through ProDPI's ROES. The discount is already applied to the Collections. No code is necessary. Please note: ProDPI will not insert your photos into your frames. Photos (from ProDPI or your lab of choice) and frames (from Design Aglow's Frame Shop) must be ordered separately. Discount code is for ProDPI loose print orders for the Grab & Go Galleries only.

To find the Grab & Go Galleries in ProDPI Roes:
1. Open ROES
2. Click on "Design Aglow Frame Shop Prints"
3. Select the collection you would like to order (that corresponds with your frame set) and upload your images
4. Add to cart

*Please note: This discount only applies on orders made through the 'Design Aglow Frame Shop Prints' catalog within ROES. It is not valid on any other loose prints within the ProDPI catalog. No code is necessary to receive the discount. 

Do I have to mount my prints?

We recommend mounting prints 8x10” and larger on thin archival styrene, to prevent slipping and bowing over the years. You will see this option at time of upload. The frame lips for any of our frame styles are very small, so if you are ordering mounted prints, we suggest that you purchase and use a mat with the frame and mounted artwork.

What’s the best way to hang the frames?

We recommend the paper-hanging technique: first envision your frame layout; then trace the frame perimeter on paper, making sure to pencil-mark the location of the hangers on your paper “frames.” Tape your paper to the wall, making sure it’s level. Hammer your nails in the hanger marks you’ve made, then take the paper down. Hang your frames on the nails, and voila! Step back to enjoy your handiwork.

Or, you can just watch this awesome video we made.

We do not recommend drilling into the moldings to add a hanging wire, as they are too thin to support the screws.


How are the frames shipped?

In the US and Canada, our frames are shipped via UPS. We charge our customers the exact rate we pay to ship your order; no markup is involved, so we are not passing on any additional costs to you.

Will I have to sign for my frames when they are delivered?

UPS requires a signature if the frames are shipped to a business. As soon as your order is shipped, we send you their tracking information so you can easily keep track of your shipment. Luckily, UPS will make 3 delivery attempts. Additionally, they will leave a note if they miss you so you can choose redelivery or pick it up at their facility. If you decide to ship to an address that is continually not monitored or vacant, and UPS returns your package after 3 missed attempts, you will still be responsible for shipping costs.

What if a frame arrives damaged?

Please see our return policy.

How long does it take to ship my frame?

We ship out to you within 3-5 business days after your order is placed. Please allow up to one week for your order to arrive. The farther you are away from Los Angeles (where the frames are made), the longer the shipment will take. Generally, shipments to San Francisco takes just 2 business days, while shipments to New York City can take 5-7 business days. Within the US and Canada, your shipment will arrive via UPS. If you are placing an order with a specific deadline, we recommend giving yourself a 5-7 day buffer in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as shipping damage or delays due to inclement weather.

Please note: From October 1st through December 31st please allow for an extra 2-3 business days of processing time due to the high volume of orders during this season. Thank you for your understanding.