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“The The Ultimate In-Person Sales Course for Photographers has been an amazing tool. It has so much useful practical content and includes information that I was able to implement right away. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is starting IPS.”


“Your pricing guides should be a cornerstone resource for all photographers serious about their business.”


“I purchased the Virtual Sales Course two days ago and literally used everything and I sold a 1K engagement album right away. I can't wait to offer this to all my couples, I could not be more grateful!”


“I immediately created a mobile app with the posing cards and uploaded it to my phone so it will always be with me at a photo session! Such great tips on posing. These cards are so helpful! I'm really happy that I purchased them!”


“The Design Aglow Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers is a fantastic resource that no one should miss. It explains how to create prices in such a easy to understand way that applies to both just starting out photographers as well as experienced professionals. With this guide you will never second guess your price list again!”


“I bought the Studio Workflow Assistant since I have been so busy this year. I wasn't sure if I would use it or not, but I have incorporated it in my routine and absolutely cannot live without it now! It really helps me keep track of everything so nothing is missed. It's created a great routine for me for each client. I am so grateful to have this! I recommend this to all photographers out there. It'll keep you sane and productive.”


“I just couldn’t put The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers away. I worked through the whole thing from start to finish. VERY different approach from what I’m used to hearing (which is the “multiply it by 7 or 10 for prints and by 3 or 4 for canvases/books” etc. It’s a whole paradigm shift! I’m planning on reviewing it and comparing it to EVERYTHING I’ve heard in the last 3 years. It’s THAT different.”


“Having been in business for 12 years there is a lot of information in this bundle that I did not have at my disposal as a start-up. I flew by the seat of my pants and learned as I went. Even now, as I am beginning to restructure myself in a new location, this is helping me reorganize my structure and implement new actions in managing my office that I wasn't utilizing before. Writing down my thoughts and ideas as I went through the material is important to me so I appreciated the space for making notes, the checklists, the provided resources in helping me along in my revamped business plan. This is a priceless resource for anyone who is looking to start their entrepreneurial business or simply looking to restructure it.”


“I'd been shoot & burn for years and had always wanted to offer IPS. The The Ultimate In-Person Sales Course for Photographers gave me the tools and confidence I needed to make the switch. It made the transition seamless.”


“The Studio Success Guide: Creating a Promotional Film serves as an educational resource as well as a good read. Wonderfully written with directness as well as personality from the Design Aglow team, I enjoyed reading the suggestions and prompts included in the guide. I found the featured Q&As with professional photographers especially interesting, and appreciated that each photographer interviewed had various promo film styles. The guide has encouraged and inspired me to consider a way to promote my brand in a way I hadn't before. Thank you, Design Aglow!”


“When I downloaded my course I started in right away. Within a day I already had a price sheet set up for my client that I felt comfortable with, AND it was worded with elegance and confidence.”


“As a somewhat new photographer, I really had no clue of the rock hard facts when it came to starting my business in photography. Your comprehensive learning tools really guided me to the light, where before it was dangerously grey! The info that was given with each product is something that you could only WISH other seasoned photographers would tell you! So worth the money!”


“You Cut my wedding workflow time in half ! I am in love with your system. It cut my post production time from 6 hours to 3 or 3 1/2 . I will say it takes one or two tries to get used it it but then it is foolproof.”


“Where should I start? The IPS course really is my highest invest at Design Aglow - and I do not regret it. This course is divided into 4 modules, one module per week. It explains clearly the IPS concept and prepares you for switching from shoot & burn to IPS. This course breaks the big steps into mini steps, so that you do not get lost or get the feeling that you will never make it. Additionally, it contains interviews of photographers who use IPS. They describe what works best for their studio as every business and market might have different requirements. It encourages to not give up but try a different way. It describes how to handle difficult customers, how to set up your website, how to choose for and purchase samples, etc. Thanks Design Aglow for this course!”


“Are you a portrait photographer? Do you know your numbers? I am discovering mine thanks to The Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers! Thanks Design Aglow for another awesome product for photographers!”


“I have the Studio Email Assistant and the emails are awesome!!! Even if you just use them as a good jumping off point for ONE difficult client, they are worth it, but I promise you'll find so much good info in these!”



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