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A 3-day online interactive experience for like-minded photographers to learn from our industry's most passionate innovators, celebrate creative entrepreneurship and cultivate new relationships.


October 24th - 26th, 2017


That’s totally up to you! Your living room, coffee shop, you name it. You just need a solid WIFI connection (which is really anywhere these days)


Our mission has always been to educate, inform and inspire growing photographers in the creative industry. We firmly believe that creativity and community go hand in hand, and that’s why we’ve created the Design Aglow Summit. We are so excited to share fresh business ideas, original education, and so much more in our 3-day innovative learning event.


This summit was created for YOU! The Design Aglow Summit offers a wide variety of courses and topics, suitable for every photographer, no matter your specialty or skill level.

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Be inspired by our hand-picked lineup of the industry's most passionate innovators.

Open your mind to
new possibilities.

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Three days of highly motivating educational presentations led by leaders who have shaken up the status quo, and are making an impact in the photography world because of it.


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9:30am PDT // kirk mastin

Set it and Forget it: Automated Marketing for Photographers

Discover why most photographers are wasting their time with old methods for blogging and marketing. Learn how to create one blog post that will bring in 80% of your new clients, and attract qualified prospects while building trust and credibility for your business.

Come away with a complete plan to launch your first set-it-and-forget-it marketing campaign.

12pm PDT // Twyla Jones

Creative Posing Prompts for the Emotive Photographer

Instead of spending countless hours looking outward to others for inspiration, this course will show you how to be motivated by the real moments occurring right before your eyes. Find your creative voice by being present in your daily life, whether those moments be personal or professional.

Come away with fresh creative exercises to cultivate authentic ways of evoking emotion from families to couples and everything in between. You’ll discover new approaches for your sessions to fully infuse your unique voice while creating imagery that you and your clients will fall in love with.


Building Community on Social Media: From Follower to Brand Evangelist

If you're using social media for your business without a strategy in place, you're setting yourself up for failure. It's that simple. We need to stop throwing images against the wall and hoping that something will stick... that some post will magically get us the engagement, platform, and revenue that we need. From content creation to optimization to engagement—Natalie explains simple strategies that you can implement to get your work in front of potential customers and expand your reach on social media. Grow a platform that supports your business and build a community of brand evangelists to help you along the way.

Come away with tools to grow your Instagram platform to reach potential clients and build collaborative relationships. You will understand strategies for introducing your brand on social media and building loyalty with your audience, turning followers into brand evangelists to multiply your reach.



Attracting and booking your dream client

It’s a well known fact in this industry that social media like Instagram and Facebook have great potential for growing your business and your reach. This course will show you exactly how to use your social accounts to gain positive public perception, launch networking efforts, create lasting relationships and convert your community into a huge source of business referrals.

Come away with tangible guidance and motivation for conveying your brand’s voice and effectively growing your social platforms quickly and effectively in order to bring in more local awareness, referrals and clients.


Finding Your Unique Creative Voice

As creatives we need our voice to be clear and consistent. Are you asking yourself: Who am I? What am I trying to say to the world? Whether you want your clients to know exactly what to expect when they hire you, your Instagram feed to be beautifully cohesive, or your personal work to be completely recognizable, having a clear voice is everything for your brand. By digging deep within yourself and own work, Carolyn will guide you to a clearer focus of who you are as an artist.

Come away with the tools you need to to find your authentic artistic self; the artist that you want to be.


Designing an Exceptional Client Experience

What we do, as photographers, matters; and it matters a lot. What do people want to save when a house is burning down, being overtaken by a flood, or threatened by a tornado; what is the one possession people always hope to grab? Their photos; their irreplaceable family memories. Memories matter, and it's up to us as photographers to make sure that we capture their best selves. How do we do that? The experience.

Come away with understanding how to be adaptable, to pose like a boss, to manage expectations​, and how to literally book ALL of the bridesmaids’ future weddings by making the experience matter.


The LGBTQ Friendly Studio: Attracting and Working With this Diverse Community

Learn how to attract more same sex couples by making your business more LGBTQ friendly. You'll discover how to be a true ally to the community and how to be inclusive in your marketing messages. Jamie will explain why showcasing your businesses diversity is important and share her essentials for making LGBTQ couples comfortable.

Come away with concrete plans, messaging strategies and effective ways to include the LGBTQ community into your business while staying true to your brand and aesthetic. You'll also learn solutions for contracts, posing guidance, and correct pronoun usage.


9:30am PDT // IKE & TASH

Building a Brand That Is True to You: A Mission Based Business Model

Leaving your mark in the world can sometimes be challenging to conceptualize and implement. Many creatives want to do more with their business then to just make money; they want to make an impact as well, but don’t know how or even where to start. Ike & Tash will show you how to take your unique gifts and infuse them into your business to give back. What makes you tick? What are you passionate about? Learn how to incorporate what truly makes your heart aflutter straight into your business, so that you are both fiscally and missionally minded.

Come away with inspiration to take the leap and make a real impact with your business. By combining your unique strengths and your passion with thinking outside the box, you will learn to stand out as a brand and use your strengths to light the world on fire.


Creating a Highly Profitable Photography Business

With almost a decade as a premier photographer in the Southern California, Jeremy Chou will share his wealth of knowledge for carving out a niche in a highly competitive, saturated market. Jeremy will walk you through his personal formula for creating a brand that made him one of the most in- demand wedding photographers in SoCal and beyond.

Come away with real, actionable, strategies that can be implemented right away for creating a highly profitable business via marketing strategies that attract the high end clientele.


The Playground: The Importance of Personal Work

As an artist, creating personal work is vital. With no deadlines, rules, timelines... there is only your creative medium and your mind. Jacob will demonstrate how act of creating personal work is where new ideas and directions are born, shaping future client work or even more personal work. He will inspire you to explore your imagination to open up new creative directions we didn’t even realize we had within us. Exploring personal work is allowing our minds be free and encouraging our imagination to be turned all the way up. Jacob will inspire you to turn it on and turn it up.

Come away with a strong desire to get past fear and your own thoughts and break through to discover who you really are as an artist. The goal is to impress yourself and be damn proud of the work you create.


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Not only are we advocates for high quality, actionable, and impactful education, but we also firmly believe in giving back and helping our world become a better place.


Doctors Without Borders
The Conservation Fund
Habitat for Humanity


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What makes this Summit different?

We created the Design Aglow Summit because we’ve heard your requests for an an impactful learning experience, filled with original content presented on an affordable, convenient platform. This interactive, online event was developed to break the mold, focusing on the three pillars essential to surviving in today’s evolving industry: business, creativity, and innovation.

Our diverse group of industry experts aim to connect with you, wherever you are in the world, bringing solid, actionable takeaways to the table, and at a fraction of the cost of a typical educational conference.

I'm so excited; you have my favorite teacher(s)! How many times can I watch his/her/their course?

As many times as your heart desires. Your ticket includes access to unlimited replays of every course shown at the Summit. Watch it 100 times; we won’t judge.

What’s included in the price of a ticket?

Admission to the 3-day live learning event (12+ hours of content!), unlimited replays, your own in-depth Summit Resource Guide, coveted digital swag collection, and access to continued discussions in our private Facebook community.

What's the refund policy?

Refund requests will be processed through September 15, 2017 minus a $50 cancellation fee. Tickets are may be resold at face value only and sellers must notify us of any transfers no later than October 1, 2017. A $15 transfer service fee will apply.

I'm interested in being a speaker at a future event.

Super! Fill out our contributor form here.

I'm not a pro yet - is the Summit still for me?

Absolutely! This Summit is for anyone and everyone interested in photography. As long as you have passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, and are looking to create the business of your dreams, the Summit is for you!

I've been a pro for 10+ years. What will I get from this experience?

The Design Aglow Summit offers a wide variety of exciting courses, suitable for both established pros, beginners, and everyone in between. Want to setup automated marketing for your business? Ready to learn easy, emotive posing? Need to attract your dream clients? Or maybe you’re interested in learning how to fully leverage your social media accounts and create a passionate community...our experts cover it all!

What if I can't watch or have an emergency during the Summit?

We get it, sometimes life happens, but no worries! Your ticket purchase covers unlimited replays of the Design Aglow Summit. So if you do need to leave partway through, you can still watch the courses that you miss and take advantage of all the resources. (Please note: you won’t be able to participate in any live chat sessions if you are watching a recording.)

I'm not able to make it - will you be having another Summit?

We hope so! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about all events.

I'm in! What do I do now?

Tickets go on sale soon, and we anticipate the event will sell out quickly. Make sure to sign up below to receive all event announcements and updates.


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