Michelle is her name, but Magnolia Adam’s Photography is her game. She named her business after her babies, Magnolia and Adam. She married the most amazing man on the 4th of July. She never pictured herself getting into photography, but after going the most painful season of her life, Jesus turned photography into a beautiful redemptive blessing. The best part about her job is the people she meets. Hands down, she loves the stories she gets to tell. Whether it’s a senior heading off to the adventure of a lifetime, or a bride breathless about to meet her groom. There’s a story there, and she loves to tell it. The best compliment a client can give her is when they say the moment was captured exactly how they remember it.

Marsais Urban is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer located in Texas. She has a love for film, handwritten letters and my family. She is a mother to three little boys and a wife to a handsome hunk of a cowboy. Together, they are living out their dreams in suburbia and working hard to create a new legacy for their family.

Matthieu values stories, because he sees them as the unique journeys others take through life. His personal adventures began with his own father, a storyteller and a French radio personality for 23 years. Matthieu spent his youth listening (under the covers in his bed) to his small radio as his dad told amazing stories about exotic countries and fascinating cultures. Matthieu eventually relocated to the United States and received his degree in journalism so that he could honor his father and continue to tell the stories of others. Now he finds these defining, unscripted moments in his own career helping others share their journeys, chronicling more weddings in the last 13 years than he can count. Matthieu’s art and vision has been featured in Wedding Chicks, Style me Pretty, Today’s Bride, and Ceremony magazine. Matthieu currently shares his optimism and sense of humor with the love of his life Regina, exploring San Francisco on their Vespa, biking in the park, traveling far and close, and cuddling on the couch, watching movies without any interruption. Regina balances Matthieu’s creative and impulsive behavior with her grounded personality and beautiful smile. They are still creating their story.

Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom, is Disney Junior's host to Capture Your Story and a regular go-to expert for shows like Live with Kelly and The Nate Berkus Show. Bestselling author of the series; Your Baby in Pictures, Your Child in Pictures, and Your Family in Pictures. She is also one of the original Sony Artisans of Imagery. Me Ra and her husband Brian, also an award winning photographer, cinematographer and director, have been teaching photography workshops to women for a decade. Learn more at

Meg Bitton is a child and family photographer in the Northern New Jersey area photographing ethereal and imagined hand-edited fine art portraits. To see Meg’s work, visit and to learn from her valuable business tips check out the Essential Pricing Guide for Portrait Photographers.

Megan DiPiero is an award winning Beauty Portrait and Business Headshot Photographer in sunny Florida. She also has earned the title of Pricing, Sales and Encouragement Guru from her mentor students across the globe. In a past life (before her photography obsession took over) Megan sold everything from cars to bras to books. Her favorite pastime includes devouring business books and spending time unplugged with her family of four.

Michelle Gardella lives in Austin, TX with her little family. She is devoted to a life of truth and service, and you can always find her playing in the rivers.

Michelle Grace Arnold is a portrait photographer located in Nashville, TN. She specializes in women and children’s portraiture. Her unique ability to put her clients at ease, help them connect with their inner self confidence, and actually love being photographed is part of what makes her stand out in her field. She is a wife, mother of 4 and and believes the kitchen is for dancing, not cooking. She has received multiple awards for her work, including 1st Place in the Seniors category at WPPI. To see Michelle’s work, please visit her Gallery at

Michelle Huesgen of Untamed Heart Photography is based out of the midwest, but loves that her job has taken her near and far. Michelle is a hybrid shooter with a great love for both digital and film photography. See her amazing work at and in the Luxe Wedding Studio Magazine and learn some of her styling tips from the Design Aglow Style Guides for Seniors, Families & Engagements spring/summer edition and fall/winter edition. Michelle is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Coastal Wedding Photographer, Avid Writer, Adventure Seeker and Anchor Lover who lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

Seeing the world in still frames, though seemingly odd, is just a part of everyday life for Canadian based photographer Nicole Ashley. Known for her photojournalistic style and unique imagery, she is demanding attention both locally and internationally. Nicole found her niche in the industry rather quickly, becoming a well renowned wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Edmonton, Alberta. In just a short period of time, Nicole’s influence has branched out far beyond the boundaries of her city, bringing her throughout much of Canada, and on to international destinations abroad.

Jesse and Whitney Chamberlin, of Our Labor of Love, believe family celebrations, friends and true loves are beautiful, and that any images representing these milestones should share the joy with each snap of the shutter. They love exploring the world, cameras in hand, with their two children by their side. View their work at Jesse and Whitney are featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Pascal Délé is a cinematographer and wedding filmmaker based out of the south of France. He has been working on both corporate and wedding videos for over three years. Pascal is constantly evolving in his work and prides himself in making that a priority in his business. It is his belief that in order to become a successful business, it’s essential to mold your personal style in order to stand out from the crowd.

Phil is a full time wedding and portrait photograph based in Portland, Oregon. Before picking up a camera, I spent 4.5 years in the US Army active duty completing two tours, one in Afghanistan in 2006 and one in Iraq from 2007-2009. I spend my free time hanging with my lady, going on hikes, making music and watching 90’s films that make me feel nostalgic.

Rachel’s been a photographer for more than half her life, shooting on film since she was 9 years old. She’s incredibly grateful to have made a career out of capturing moments that matter most in life. Though weddings and portraits are her primary focus, traveling is her passion. She’s already planning her next trip (Italy) and can’t wait to return to India!

Rachel LaCour Niesen, Steward of Stories & Founder of Save Family Photos, is a Yankee by birth but a Southern storyteller at heart. When a much-loved uncle gifted her with her first SLR camera, Rachel found her calling in photography. In pursuit of her passion, she headed to the University of Missouri, where she studied Photojournalism and Art History. When she's not curating vintage family photos, she enjoys adventures with her husband and partner in entrepreneurship, Andrew Niesen.

Rebecca Malouf Franson of Merrakai Photography is based in Boise, Idaho. Mother to two and step mother to four her passion is capturing the joy of families through her photography work. Rebecca is also the founder of the Instagramhub @camera_mama. See Rebecca’s portfolio at

Robert and his beautiful wife Emily call the Pacific Northwest home with their dog and cat, whom they consider their children. Traveling fuels both of their souls, so aside from jumping around the country for work, they find time every year to get away on their own to a new place in the world. In their free time, Robert is usually exploring nature on hike, camping, or taking a road trip. Usually these events also include eating ridiculously good food and hopefully meeting some new folks. Of all the routes he could have chosen in the photography world, he picked weddings because they are the only form of art that triggers every emotion in him, and he strives with every frame to portray that emotion in his work. Before photography, the cinema world fascinated him and to this day movies and films play a large role in his work, both in how he shoots and edits. He has been incredibly privileged to photograph weddings and couples throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and all over the Unites Sates on both the mainland and the islands.

A worldwide photographer based in the UK, Rosie Hardy defies not only geographical boundaries, but also the boundaries of art: photographer, poet, digital magician. She is all of these.

Rya Duncklee is the premier child photographer in Jacksonville, Florida. She specializes in creating an end-to-end custom photography and design experience for maternity, baby, and child portraits. She has an eye for design and enjoys D.I.Y. projects. Rya likes to think of herself as an interior designer as well as a photographer. This combination lends something unique to her photography and services offered. Rya was also recently recognized as a two-time International Award Winner by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP).

Ryan is a professional brand ambassador and travel photographer living in Los Alamitos, CA but he grew up in a tiny town in the mountains of California. It was there that the love of beauty was nourished by an amazing set of patient and loving parents and the mountains in his backyard. He has 2 degrees and neither of them having anything to do with photography. He has 2 beautiful and playful daughters and an eternally-patient wife that encourage more beauty in the world every day. He is convinced if you train your eye to see beauty, you'll be surprised with how much of it is quietly surrounding you.

Samantha Arroyo is an elopement, wedding and portrait photographer. She lives in southern California and travels around the world working side by side with her filmmaker husband, Josh. She strives to create photographs that are honest and convey strong emotions. She loves to roam the desert and feel the sunshine on her face.

When she's not shooting weddings and portraits all over the world, you can find Whitebox's Sara Brennan-Harrell hanging at her farmhouse in North Carolina with her husband, two kids, two dogs, two cats, and her chickens. Sara's days are a mix of fun photo shoots, gardening, hanging laundry on the line, taking the kids to horseback riding lessons, and lots and lots of photo editing. Someone once described her photography as a mix between Vogue magazine, apple pie, and Coca-Cola: elegant and timeless with a twist of fun and a pop of color. You can view her work at Sara is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Sarah’s education and marketing experience at Coca-Cola have contributed heavily to her becoming one of the most successful studios in the country and one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit. Today, her primary tasks involve marketing her studio and teaching other photographers how to market their businesses. She recently launched Cafe Joy, a monthly subscription service where she sends ideas and education to her members each month. Learn from Sarah in Selling Without A Studio: The Guide and The Photographer’s Marketing and PR Guide & Calendar.

Duke graduate and former attorney Sarah Wilkerson joined Clickin Moms as a member in 2008 and quickly became a leader in the community. In 2010, she held CM’s first forum-based workshop and spearheaded the development of CMuniversity, an online photography school that provides educational programming to over 2000 photographers each month.Together with Kendra, Sarah has led the evolution of the company’s mission, program development, and position within the greater photography community. She currently resides in Virginia with her Army JAG husband, three sons, one daughter, and two dogs. Sarah shoots with a Nikon D4, enjoys tilt-shift and atmospheric black and white work, and instructs CMU’s upper level composition courses (Elements of Design and Composition and Creativity). In her free time, Sarah loves research and writing, lattes, mojitos, flip flops, and reality tv.

Shannon Griffin of Mi Amore Foto, has been a professional photographer for 6 years. She began her career in fashion and gradually found her passion in wedding and boudoir photography. “I began to realize that I enjoyed how personal weddings were,” Griffin explains. “As a photographer, you can stage the moment you are capturing or you can witness it. A big part of what gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to witness great moments in others’ lives. It is a real privilege.” Shannon works in both film and digital formats, travels as often as possible for work, and resides in North Florida with her husband and dog, Lola. When not working, she can be found at the nearest breakfast spot, or out with friends.

Shannon Sewell regularly works with renowned children’s clothing companies such as Urban Outfitters, and has been published in several online and print publications, including InStyle. She found her perfect muse in her children, making a career of taking pictures of them and playing dress up. When they let her, Sewell is happy to dress up other peoples' kids and take pictures of them, too. You can view her work at Shannon is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Sharon’s journey into photography started after having such a profound experience with her own wedding photographers. Photography, for her, isn’t just a snapshot of how they looked. It represents the organic feeling and emotion of a particular moment. When she looks at her own wedding pictures, she sees more than just their faces. She hears the song of their first dance, she tastes the sweetness in his kiss and mostly, she relives the happiness and excitement of their day. Her photos served to document the first chapter in the rest of her life. It amazes her how they are able to hold a part of her life still, and brings back archived memories. Sharon hopes that she can help evoke the same emotions for her clients.

Shelly lives in Southern California and photographs love portraits up and down the coast, as well as all around the world. She focuses on the "in-between" moments, and is obsessed with travel. She also loves good scenery, hiking, new experiences, interesting compositions, golden hour light, and all puppies of the world.

The girl named Spanki. Yes. Spanki. Once you meet her, you will soon know there was no other name for her… she is Spanki. She is a well known senior photographer, but being as she has four kids of her own, she equally enjoys a fun family session. To see Spanki’s work visit her at She also appears in the Design Aglow Style Guides for Seniors, Families & Engagements and The Photographer’s Marketing and PR Guide & Calendar.

Stephanie first got interested in photography in 2009. While a freshman in college she took a film photography class as an elective and was instantly hooked. The next semester she decided to major in the fine arts with an emphasis in photography. Stephanie later graduated with a BFA from Utah Valley University in 2013, and has been running her own portrait photography business since 2012. When Stephanie isn't behind the camera, she loves to go out with her husband, travel, thrift shop, sew, read, find beautiful locations, and watch old movies. Stephanie lives in Lehi, Utah.

Susan Stripling owns and operates a boutique destination wedding photography business in Tallahassee, Florida although her wedding commissions take her all over the world. Her fresh, inspired images can be seen in the pages of The Knot, Modern Bride, Inside Weddings, Bride and Bloom, and the style section of The New York Times. Susan lives in Tallahassee with her family. View more of Susan’s work at

Switzerfilm, an international award winning photo-cinema business made up of four young creative minds striving to take the world of wedding cinema and photography to the next level. Traveling the world for inspiration, this team of friends will go anywhere and everywhere to top our latest work. They find joy in teaching all over the world and help up and coming “ographers” lay the groundwork for a solid future. They have limitless amounts of information to share. Over the past 10 years, the majority of their clients have become lifelong friends. Their love is their life, their life is their work.

Tanja Lippert, of Tanja Lippert Photography, is a film photographer who specializes in weddings, fashion, commercial, music and fine art photography. When not traveling worldwide for assignments, she resides in California. Tanja’s work has been published all over the world and she feels blessed to get to work every day as an artist. Check out her work at Tanja is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

More than just a job, photography is Tara Whitney’s “goosebumps-tears-jump-up-and-down-on-her-bed-passion.” Because life isn’t flawless, she captures connections and real life as beautifully and authentically as possible. She lives in Southern California, as close to the beach as possible with her husband, four children, lots of music, and a backyard full of succulents. View more of Tara’s work at Tara is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Taryn is a southern California based photographer specializing in fashion, lifestyle, editorial & travel. With a degree in graphic design, a trends/materials background in the action sports industry & a passion for travel. Taryn's path has taken her around the world and offered her the opportunity to work with some amazingly creative people. From lookbooks to editorial features, she has collaborated with bands, brands, and top designers.

Victoria Wright is a Pacific Northwest photographer available for work with clients worldwide. She specializes in portrait, lifestyle and travel photography for brands including Coach, Airbnb, and American Express. On Instagram she seamlessly blends client work with thoughtful, personal glimpses into her everyday life, resulting in a collection of photos that resonate with a unique approachability. Born in Lithuania and raised in eastern Washington, Victoria finally found home in Seattle where she lives with her husband and her bernedoodle, Ruby.