The mission of Fotolanthropy is to capture and share inspiring true stories of people who have overcome adversity through photography and film. Fotolanthropy seeks to be a hub of inspiration for all through the power of storytelling. With each story, Fotolanthropy gives the recipient a portrait session, a slideshow to music and the digital images, as well as a platform for them to share their story. Fotolanthropy also chooses about 5 stories to make into short documentary films each year. Fotolanthropy is a nationwide community of professional photographers and filmmakers who use their cameras for good by donating their time and talents to capture stories of those who inspire them. These artists are the storytellers behind every story shared on Fotolanthropy’s website. With their common interest of giving back and a servant-hearted spirit, these Fotocrew members are uniting together as an artistic community to give back to those who have overcome adversity.

Grace Adams is an Alaskan, born and raised, a photographer by trade and artist at heart. More than that, she is a wife, a new mother and a follower of Jesus Christ. She also has a fondness for road trips, locally roasted coffee, and vintage children's books. Her desire in art is to capture authentic emotions, thoughts, and the many details that make people and the lives they live so beautiful. Specializing in intimate weddings and portraits, she is currently based out of Anchorage, Alaska and available for travel worldwide.

Guj is a destination wedding filmmaker & photographer based in Manila, Philippines. He is the founder & creative director of redsheep PhotoCinema and is part of Rangefinder Magazine & PDN's first batch of In-Motion awardees: The 20 Emerging Artists To Watch in Video. Known for his art house sense of aesthetics, Guj is passionate about crafting filmic and cinematic images in natural light, favouring the candid over the contrived. Guj is a self-taught visual artist and an avid musician; he suffers from a severe case of wanderlust, breathes progressive rock and bleeds #UnmeritedFavor. Stalk his works and travels at and @redsheepphotocinema on Instagram.

Makayla Jade & Dave Harris, owners of The Harris Company, developed a brand distinguished by providing an elevated photo/ cinema client experience, propelling their business to reaching multiple six-figures serving clients all over the northeast in less than 5 years. Rather than focusing on a specific style of photography/ cinema, they’ve built a conglomerate of brands ranging from weddings, commercial films, and intimate photography, all targeting a niche clientele that places a high value on printed products & photographic art.

With backgrounds in finance and consulting, paired with a passion for the creative industries, Dave and Makayla are recognized for their business ingenuity, marketing efforts, and networking abilities. Featured in Rangefinder, Click Magazine, and PPA magazine alongside Miller’s Professional Imaging, Dave & Makayla are highly regarded for their industry-leading product offerings and unique approach to conditioning clients for better sales & higher profits.

While studying drawing at Atlanta College of Art, Heidi Geldhauser met Jesse Chamberlin; together they formed Our Labor of Love in 2005. When not taking photos, Heidi thoroughly enjoys coffee and editing to NPR podcasts. View her work at Heidi is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Humdrum Films is Jacob Williams and Jared Kettle. They met in 2008 while studying Film & Digital Media at Deakin University. They’ve been co-conspirators ever since. Together, they have over 10 years of wedding experience behind them, and they feel incredibly lucky to have couples invite them into what is a very special day in their lives. Humdrum was born as a creative outlet, a way for them to tell unique stories through the moving image. They love what they do, and the people they get to meet.

Originally from Boston, Jaclyn is the founder of Blog Society, a global community where blogging, business and creativity collide. A passionate creative matchmaker, she is a social media addict prone to wasting hours on Pinterest and has had a long love affair with the digital marketing world. She believes in the power of collaboration and has a passion for helping businesses and bloggers tell their brand story. She aims to offer like-minded and passionate individuals the opportunity to connect and inspire one another through ​her Digital Bravery E-course and a variety of national​ workshops​, events ​and gatherings both online and off.

Jade Sheldon is a freelance artist and lifestyle photographer who lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Cory. She is an Oregon native who holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art as well as a Masters of Arts in Education from Pacific University. She has an affinity for travel, instant film and a perfectly poured macchiato.

Jasmine Star is an international wedding photographer based in Orange County, California. A starlet in the industry, Jasmine lives with her husband and fabulous dog, and at times struggles to determine who is her favorite. She loves to eat chocolate, run on the beach, and spends too much time writing on her blog. To see her work, visit

Jean Smith is a lifestyle and wedding photographer located in Hartland, Michigan. Besides photography, she is a huge lover of her family (four boys and husband), travel (take her anywhere), chocolate (duh), and exercise (to battle the previous love).

Jen Huang, of Jen Huang Photography, approaches weddings with a romantic, fine art sensibility. Known for her fresh, luminous portraits, Jen crafts beautiful, editorial images for intimate soirees and splendid outdoor weddings. Her passion for photography is heightened by her dedication to medium format film, and her work has appeared in bridal editorials all over the country. Jen lives in New York with her husband and French bulldogs, Gatsby and Pepper. View her work at Jen is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Jenny of As Ever Photography has been making pictures since she was old enough to hold a camera. Growing up, she spent endless hours in her home darkroom and has carried this love for creating images throughout her life. After practicing as a speech/language pathologist for many years, including several years spent working with children with Autism in Ireland, she is now pursuing her lifelong passion for capturing beauty through her lens as a career. She endeavors to create a dreamy, vintage-inspired aesthetic and to document authentic, honest emotions. She loves to photograph seniors, couples, and weddings. She is a military spouse currently based in Utah, but has a serious case of wanderlust and welcomes ALL travel!

Jennifer Evans, of Eden Blue Photography, has traveled the world documenting weddings and capturing travel images. She began her wedding photography business in 2002 (and was a second-shooter for 3 years prior to that). In 2014, she opened Eden Blue Photography, which specializes in lovely maternity and newborn images, as well as lively and unique kids' pictures. Her work is filled with bright color, happy people, and unique styling. When she's not taking pictures, she enjoys traveling with her kiddos, partaking in dangerous adventure sports, and drinking craft beer. See Jen’s work at

Jen lives in (and loves!) Austin, Texas. She runs Mesmerizing Moments - Photography & Design, and has been a professional photographer / designer for 10 years. She’s horrible at keeping up with her blog, even though she always promises to be better, but you can find her posting often on Instagram - @jen_gen_ . She’s a wife, mom, lover of swimming, all things design, and she uses “haha” way too often, you’ll see…

Jesh De Rox is fascinated with life. He spends his time studying the way people perceive and connect with each other and the world around them, and his work is centered in the desire to express these relationships. Currently he lives in Western Canada with his beautiful family, where he runs a successful fine art studio and continues his exploration. Learn more about Jesh at

Jessica Lorren, of Jessica Lorren Organic Photography, has always been drawn to photographs and the unique way they frame our world. Since 2008, she has relished building solid relationships with clients, spending some of the happiest events of their lives with them, and creating meaningful imagery that captures these moments and preserves them forever. View her work at and in the Boudoir Welcome Packet. Jessica is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Jessica Ringor has been able to harness a unique combination of technical skill, feminine storytelling, and creative branding to elevate her company, LoveSpun Films, to the top of the wedding industry. With her distinct “LoveSpun” style, she has been able to carve out a niche market attracting the attention of top celebrity event designers and high profile couples alike. Her handmade wedding films have become the choice of some of the most distinguished clients, from Hollywood celebrities and film producers, to Olympic athletes and fashion magazine editors. LoveSpun’s work has been extensively featured in some of the wedding industries hottest publications. To quote a fellow filmmaker, “Not only is she one heck of a talented filmmaker but she is the branding & marketing goddess. Putting a little “Spun” in everything she does, she makes her clients & other vendors fall in love with her as a must have and must watch filmmaker.”

Jessica is the founder, editor, and traveler behind Bon Traveler. What started as an outlet for sharing her passion for travel, Bon Traveler turned into a full time adventure that she can never get enough of. Bon Traveler exists as a home to curated guides, hotel insight, and the best in cultural and adventure-based travel.

Jillian is motivated by true & tender moments. Her desire to connect deeply with clients, making lasting friendships and photographing all of their special moments. The artist in her blossoms when her aesthetic & the authenticity of a moment collide. This allows her to curate photographs that are full of heart as well as capture the essence & beauty beauty of each person. She photographs mostly with film - the best thing that has ever happened for her soul. It is dreamy and timeless, and she loves the purity it gives to her images. She believes that photography is a gift that God gave her as a way to put into the lives of others & she intends to nourish that.

A Wedding photographer for the wild at heart. Based in Texas and telling stories nationally. Married the girl I met in high school and a dad of three. I believe love has the power to change us and am captivated by the connection people share.

Josh Arroyo, of Arroyo Films, is a computer nerd-turned-filmmaker based out of southern California. He loves to travel and go on adventures with his photographer wife, Samantha. Josh is passionate about nature and specializes in capturing outdoor elopements and weddings. Using both documentary and artistic filmmaking styles, he creates compelling and emotion-driven films.

Based in Nashville, TN where she lives with her husband and 2 children, Julie travels the world shooting weddings and families. With a degree in education and 10 yrs of teaching under her belt, Julie has transitioned her business into teaching workshops as well. Julie has been published in national magazines and blogs both stateside and internationally.

Justine is a sentimental wedding photographer for adventurous and vibrant couples. She believes that when we push the boundaries of our lives and dare to slow down and take it all in, we experience our most sentimental moments. She photographs couples all across BC and Canada and specializes in anything mountain related. She believes being festive is a lifestyle choice and one we must fully commit to, and that hugs should never be half-assed. She believes that there’ always an excuse for wine, and if you take the time to bake cookies you get to eat the first dozen as a reward, no questions asked.

Strong connections and story are at the heart of what Kale, owner of Kale Fitch Films, loves about his profession. His passion for film and storytelling started early with a few video classes in high school, they were about the only ones he wouldn’t skip out on. He liked the challenge of making someone feel something for the films he would create. Bringing out the true emotion of what you are watching. He actually started out shooting extreme sports type events (rock crawling, mountain biking, etc.) and from there went on to weddings. His basis for everything he shoots is to find the story. He believes every wedding is different and there is a story to be told. His films are very much content driven and meaningful. Although he resides in Utah, his client base reaches all of the country and beyond. His greatest joys are his wife and kids and living life to the fullest. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed.

Kat is the self-taught photographer behind Katch Studios. When she's not holding her big camera, she's definitely holding her iPhone camera. When she's not taking pictures of her beautiful clients, she's taking pictures of her cute kids or the food she's about to eat. And when you can't find her directing poses in her studio, you can find her doing yoga poses just about anywhere. She's been featured in numerous print and web publications, has won national awards in photography, and has recently been named one of the "30 most inspiring photographers for 2015" by Weddingbells Magazine.

Katch is a photographer, an artist, a storyteller, and a lover of the outdoors. She spends her free time in the mountains, camping, hiking, climbing and documenting adventures. She lives in Southern California and travels often. Storytelling is what she loves, and documenting mood is very important to her. She is constantly inspired by the organic– mountains, rock, wind, rain, and anything found in nature.

Katelyn James, a Virginia based photographer, started her professional photography career as a Junior in college and was shooting 25+ weddings annually within her second year. After growing her business and gaining recognition in national publications such as Professional Photographers Magazine and The Knot, she began teaching and coaching photographers from all over the country. Katelyn hosts workshops throughout the year and monthly coaching sessions at her home in Richmond, VA. Recently, Katelyn has been joined by her husband Michael and they are officially a husband/wife team. Their work has also been featured numerous times on national wedding blogs such as Real Simple, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled. See her inspired work at and learn from her experiences in The Essential Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers.

Katie Lamb is a photographer based out of Houston, Texas. She has been in business since 2008 when she graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Fine Art Photography. Katie originally pursued photography in order to document international missions and the orphan crisis around the world, and this still remains her greatest passion. As for her portrait business, she specializes in seniors, families, and has a separate brand for beauty & boudoir. Over the past seven years, she has fallen in love with the business aspect of what photographers do and has since co-created the Develop Retreat - a workshop focused on the business side of the craft.

Katy Weaver is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. Her number one goal is to document the intersection between what is beautiful and what is real - shooting honest, authentic images of people within their natural surroundings. She loves the outdoors, taking random adventurous road-trips, birdwatching, reading, painting and traveling.

Kirsty Larmour is a British lifestyle photographer based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. She is a nomad at heart and can be found documenting both her clients’ lives, and her own family when they are at home in the Middle East and further afield while globe trotting through places from Uzbekistan to Cambodia, and many lands in between. Her photography often involves taking pictures of her own daughters’ backs as they adventure through life (and temples, souks and rice paddies or over sand dunes). Kirsty’s approach to photography is to be present in real life moments and capture them with a little sparkle on top fueled by her obsession with pretty light.

Kristina Mack of Tiny Posers is one of the UK’s most sought after photographers specializing in newborn and family photography. She has a degree in photography and after becoming a mother Kristina turned her heart towards newborns and babies as this time is so fleeting and magical. Her work is recognized by her neutral palette combined with clean, pure and simplistic style. Her classic style allows her to create beautiful art for her clients.

KT Merry, of KT Merry Photography, is a fine art wedding photographer specializing in destination weddings worldwide. Trained at the Hallmark Institute of Photography and with a background in fashion photography, KT has been featured in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, The Knot, ELLE, and Modern Bride. She is currently based in Miami and seasonally in California. View her work at KT is also featured in The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Wedding Photography, available on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Kyle is a full-time wedding & portrait photographer based in Seattle, WA and one bearded half of Hinterland Stills. He seeks the cross between nostalgia and genuine couples. Love is a spectrum and he chooses to live and work on the more nuanced and quiet side of it. In his free time he’s hiking, hanging with his pup and searching for the best pizza possible.

Kym is an international wedding photographer. She prefers clouds & rain over sunny days, camping over fancy hotels, flea markets over malls. She married her husband in 2000 and had a son in 2007.

Lauren + Tim Fair are a husband and wife photography team, and they LOVE what they do. Their photography style is organic and neutral, shot on film + digital and focused on genuine emotions and beautiful moments. Every couple’s story is unique and special, and we are so honored to capture such an exciting time in their clients’ lives. They spend their free time traveling, restoring their old farmhouse, playing music, serving at their church, photographing life, and spending time with family + friends.

Lauren Hooker is the graphic designer and founder of Elle & Company, a blogging, business, and design resource for creative entrepreneurs. Her love of design led her to a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Virginia Tech in 2012. After a couple years of freelance work, she started her business full time in 2014. Her mission is to teach other entrepreneurs the fundamentals of business, blogging, and design in order for them to turn their lifelong passion into successful, profitable businesses.