Blog Contributor Guidelines


Design Aglow welcomes a range of contributors to our blog, and encourages the free flow of ideas on photography and business. These guest post guidelines will ensure that you optimize your work so that it resonates with our audience, and hopefully throughout the entire industry. What's in it for you? A post on the Design Aglow blog will be bylined with a brief biography, linking back to your website (or other online presence). We'll also introduce you to our monthly audience of 75,000 readers. Ready to submit? We consider guest posts that are:

  • Completely original. Only content that has not been published elsewhere on the internet (and will not be published elsewhere, thus incurring the wrath of SEO penalties) is acceptable, as verified by
  • Usable indefinitely. By agreeing to have your post published on our blog, you understand that your post will remain on our site--and therefore unpublishable elsewhere--for a length that is of our discretion.
  • Editable. While we won't completely rewrite posts, we will revise for clarity, grammatical issues, or length. Our goal is not to strip your post of its voice, but instead craft it to work for the Design Aglow audience. If your post needs major revisions or clarifications, we might email you with questions or suggestions.
  • Advancing the conversation. We seek content that is fresh and topical, funny and informative. We encourage you to review our latest posts to see what sorts of topics we cover.
  • Not marketing a product. We will not consider posts that are self-promotional in nature or that include marketing or affiliate links.
  Please upload your article and photos through this form, or email us directly to Your photos should be original and relevant to your piece; however, if you need help sourcing or selecting photos, we'll be glad to assist you with the process. If we are interested in publishing your article, we'll be sure to contact you shortly. Due to the volume of guest posts we receive, we are not able to respond to each submission individually. As always, thanks for your support of Design Aglow; we can't wait to hear from you!