Album & Folio Testimonials

“I am so proud to offer these albums to my clients to hold their memories. The craftsmanship of the album is amazing. These albums are one of my best sellers and I continue to suggest them to every client to hold and display their story in their home.”


“I adore Design Aglow's linen albums, as do my clients. They're top-notch quality and have delivered to me perfect every time. I have never needed to have them redo anything because they do it correct the first time.”


“I ordered the charcoal since it looks so sleek and modern and I thought would appeal to most of my clients. I received it just over a week ago and was completely blown away! The quality was outstanding and the photos came out breathtakingly beautiful.”


“Thank you for providing beautiful products that help us look really good to our clients! And as usual, Design Aglow's customer service is always top notch and that's why I keep coming back for more.”


“I recently ordered two albums and am head over heels in love with how beautiful they are! Several other wedding photographers have recommended the Design Aglow albums and I'm SO happy to be able to offer these gorgeous albums to my wedding and engagement clients! The quality is outstanding!!!! The image quality is vibrant and I love how they make the linen cover options simple so it's not overwhelming to choose!”


“My order arrived today, thank you so much for all of your help! I can honestly say when I opened the folio box and saw the prints I started to cry. The prints are amazing and I love the experience of opening the folio and seeing the prints there against the black velvet of the box. STUNNING!”


“Amazing Quality. I'm excited to offer these albums to my clients!”


“Your folio boxes are such high quality, so versatile, so pretty. My clients are loving them too, and I actually don't offer albums anymore because of these. They're a lot easier to "build" than albums too, and much more versatile.”


“I LOVE the album sales tools and I've been able to sell many more albums. As a photographer, I don't have a way with words or design. You make it easier to sell great products.”



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