What is AGLOW Magazine?

AGLOW Magazine is a quarterly project that tells stories of creatives who are thriving, who are making it on passion and innovation and hard work, who are changing the face of this industry every day.

We are excited to share studio tours, artistic work/life balance, inspired success stories, visual travel guides, creative living, blogging resources, fresh business ideas, creative community building, original education and so much more in AGLOW magazine, a quarterly publication devoted to the creative entrepreneur.

AGLOW explores the limitless possibilities of creative business and the fresh ideas of today’s doers and makers. We offer an escape from the daily routine in the form of a stunning keepsake publication full of inspiring features, beautiful layouts, uplifting stories, fresh perspectives, and real people that you will love to get to know.

What type of features are included?

Inside Real Studios: Go inside studios that are setting the bar
Create: Our Inspired DIY project
In the Biz: The Successful Creative: How to flourish as a doer & maker
Caught our Eye: Today's most Innovative, Fresh Talent and their stories
Choice Words: Straight-Up Business Talk
Live & Learn: Mini Creative Workshops with Notable Teachers
Life/Style: Personal Projects for Fueling Creativity
In My Bag: The Tools of the Trade
Inspired Travels: Artsy Adventures on the Road
Blog About It: Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets for Success
Creative Community: Projects that build up our community
Bonus Downloads in each issue

......and so much more!

Is AGLOW Magazine a real, physical product?

AGLOW is offered as a gorgeous, keepsake coffee table magazine. We use the same printer as Kinfolk/Sweet Paul/Darling, and the quality is incredible!

Each Volume comes with a complimentary digital version, which will be emailed directly to you.

When will I receive my magazine?

Your magazine will be shipped out via Media mail, so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery within the U.S. Please allow for an extra 1-2 weeks for international deliveries. If you do not receive your copy after 3 weeks (4 for international orders), please fill out this form

Can I just order a digital version?

Yes! You can order a digital version via the current volume's product page. We launch our digital versions about 2-3 weeks after the first batch of physical copies are shipped.


I ordered my magazine three weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived. Help!

Please fill out this form. A member of our team will be in touch promptly to look into the matter and expedite a solution.

I just received my magazine and it’s damaged. What do I do?

While your magazines are packaged with the utmost care, sometimes damage can happen during transit. In order to issue a replacement, we you will need to take photos of the packaging as well as any damage to the magazine itself and contact us within 3 business days of receiving your magazine through this form. A member of our team will be in touch promptly in order to expedite a solution.


I am a business who’d like to have an ad in AGLOW. How can I make this happen?

That’s fantastic news! We’d love to discuss your options further. Please contact us here in order to learn more.