Wedding Welcome Packet: Modern Minimalist Edition

  • We’ve put together everything you need to help your modern wedding brand with original marketing content and templates that guide clients through every step of the process. The clean lines, modern typography, and open spaces give the images room to breathe and evoke a feeling of bold style. You’ll never worry you’ve missed something because we’ve included everything from checklists, professional tips, novel tools for upselling, and subtle ways to get your studio name out into today's unique marketplace.

    Click here for the presentation folder shown in the images.
  • • Layered Photoshop PSD files for simple modifications
    • Welcome greeting: includes booking thank you note and studio introductions (5x7 flat note card)
    • Business card with studio information
    • Wedding day bridal guide: includes beauty, hair and makeup advice and coupon to hair and makeup artist affiliate (3.5x5.5 accordion card)
    • Dry erase board template: wedding planning "To Do" organizer (8x12)
    • Essential wedding terms and conditions: covers important studio policy verbiage, explicit payment and deposit information, additional travel fees and adding photographers to a package
    • Online photo gallery information and production timetable
    • "Just for Grooms" info to get the groom prepared (and excited!) about the wedding day portraits
    • "Save the Date" card product spotlight
    • "First Look" presentation and advice
    • Engagement session up-sell card and verbiage (8.5x5.5)
    • Preferred vendor card to feature other local wedding vendors for cross-referrals: bakery, video, limo, dresses, tuxedos, caterer, entertainment, invitations, and florists (5x7 folded card)
    • Tips for formal portraiture ease and efficiency
    • Purse-sized wedding planner accordion: help your bride plan her special day and market your studio simultaneously

    • Bonus InDesign versions for speedy drag-and-drop workflow
    • 7-page tutorial of must-have sources and information

    Explore the full Modern Minimalist™ Collection.
    These templates can be printed through Miller's Professional Imaging and can be customized for your preferred vendor.

    Josefin Slab
    Please note - We supply the names of the fonts used, but .ttf files must be downloaded from other providers.


    Compatible Photoshop CS and newer, InDesign CS4 and newer, Photoshop Elements 6 through 11, Windows & Mac
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See What The Pros Are Saying

The Welcome Packet templates are beautiful and simple with a modern feel, well written and easy to customize.
- Ardita Kola Photography

My Welcome Packet includes all the information that my couples need - wedding day timeline, when to take the portraits, engagement session information, a small planner and my packages and pricing. It makes a great impression and looks very polished and professional.
- Lydia Krumpholz Foto & Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Absolutely Brilliant

We were in search of something to send to our couples to thank them for letting us be a part of their wedding.
I stumbled upon the modern minimalist welcome package templates and they were just perfect. I know the product details tell you that the content is all written and needs minimal tweaking but I couldn't believe how easy they actually were to use. All the instructions were really simple to follow and the package was easily customizable.
I am so excited to share these with my clients! Yeeep! 'Perfect' doesnt begin to define how I find these templates :)

Love this!

This is my Welcome Packet for all new couples who book me as their wedding photographer. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

A Professional Package in a fraction of time

Like some others have said, it takes too much time to do something like this yourself, and to hire a designer to create, essentially, the same thing would cost more than what my budget allows. So, instead, for $97 and an hour more of your time, you can have a professional package that separates you from other photographers who book and leave it at that. This is something that shows you care and want to leave a lasting impression.

Beautiful and very helpful

I was looking for something like this for quiet a while, started doing my own, and then realized it simply takes too much time. Time I could use for something else in my business. So once I saw and purchased it, everything went so much faster. It was very easy to edit and use everything. So thankful for this! Thank you so much guys. Keep up the great work, I love coming to your site. Oh and, of course you are saved on my 'fave' tab on my browser :-) Kind greetings from Germany

Amazing potential with this welcome pack !

I bought this in hopes I could use it create my own digital welcome pack and it worked perfect !

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