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Whether you are new in business or are upgrading your current business tools and presentation, our Wedding Forms streamline the essentials of running a portrait photography business. From first contact to beyond final product delivery, this invaluable suite has you covered, outlining expectations for your clients and protecting your studio at every turn and under every circumstance.

All documents are uniformly professional, beautiful, and designed for print or paperless use (with instructions included). Save big on the full bundle or order a la carte on everything you need to support your successful studio with style and ease.

Each layout's style (META, ICON, LORE, VIDA) is identical with the exception of the title font. Font difference is shown in the preview image.


Complete Legal Wedding Contract
Like any professional business, you and your studio should be protected from potential hazards, including lawsuits or unplanned incidents. Our exceptionally detailed wedding contract protects both you and your client, by expressing expectations of both parties. This highly comprehensive contract ensures weddings will always come together beautifully and without complications.

• Clear and defined payment schedule
• Non-refundable retainer/deposit verbiage
• Payment deadline with penalty terms
• Limited price guarantee details
• Payment guidelines
• Fees for post-order changes
• Rush order fees
• Retouching fees/rates
• Statement of artistic style
• Defects clause
• Copyright information
• Your studio's right of exclusivity
• Cancellation terms
• Studio liability information
• Full wedding package inclusions
• Online gallery terms
• Vendor meal request
• Album production time frame
• Photo release info
• Guest conduct expectations
• Photographer harassment policy and penalty terms for violations
• Studio archiving policy information

Wedding Client Consultation Form
When a new, potential wedding couple calls, there's no better resource to have at the ready. Not only does this document keep your workflow organized, you will also be reminded to record all pertinent information during the consultation process. Use on paper, via email or as a web document, this form is the perfect solution for saving valuable studio time and money, while keeping you perfectly organized.

Wedding Information Form
Now you can ask the right questions of ALL clients and avoid potentially embarrassing situations while organizing your wedding photography schedule. Not only is our comprehensive Wedding Information Form 100% inclusive, it’s fully customizable to your studio. In four simple, well organized pages, you'll know everything about your clients' big day at a glance. Gathering critical information has never been this easy. Includes:
• guidelines for use
• client information section
• location information section (preparation location, ceremony site, reception venue)
• photography rules and requests
• wedding party, immediate and extended family information sections
• wedding day photo timeline
• place of special requests
• vendor information section
• formal portraits time guidelines
• must-have wedding shot organizer

Wedding Photography Shot List
It’s called the big day, but it’s all about the little details. Be sure you’re never at a loss for the right shot, and keep a running list of the photos you have obtained. Whether you’re just starting out in the wedding industry or a seasoned pro, this customizable checklist will keep you organized and feeling confident.

• 60+ inspired don’t-miss images wedding couples adore
• 5 Categories: Pre-ceremony, Ceremony, Cocktail hour, Reception, Formals
• Space for notes/special requests
• Conveniently organized on a single page for easy printing
• These templates can be printed on your studio printer.

Files & Software
• "Read Me" file is provided with guidance on how to operate and reference links for download and installation of fonts. See sample.
• .IDML (for Adobe InDesign) and .PDF (for Adobe Acrobat) files are provided and compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud and other software providers for Windows and Mac.
A few notes from Design Aglow about our products.

Customization: This product is an instant download and is fully customizable unless otherwise noted. A support guide is provided with your product, or in our Tutorials section. It offers a generalized overview for customizing the template. NOTE: Both the template and tutorial are designed specifically for professional photographers and assume a working knowledge and intermediate experience with the listed software and a familiarity with layer masks.

Printing: Unless otherwise noted, all template layouts are formatted for standard professional lab printing. You can print your final products anywhere professional services are provided, however we do include a recommended lab with your download.

Fonts: Most fonts used in Design Aglow products are free fonts that may already be installed on your computer, or are easily attainable by downloading from the creators. Due to copyright protection, we are unable to include these files directly in the template, but a quick Internet search for the font online will typically yield several resources (font style names are included with your product for easy searching).

About Your Purchase: This product is designed to be used immediately, which is why we made it digital! We do hope you understand, however, that since it is digital, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. Before you finalize your purchase, take one more look to be sure it's exactly what you need and that you have the appropriate software.

One more thing: If you haven't purchased from us before, take a minute to review our Copyright Information, for important details on how you legally use this product. It will probably answer most of the questions you may have, and explains key product usage guidelines.

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