Product Spotlight: Studio Look Book

Since we know you have to show it if you want to sell it, Design Aglow offers our very own ready to use Studio Look Book. Professionally written and graphically designed, our fully customizable template is divided into categories to help sell all your fabulous studio offerings, from everything from albums to wall galleries, specialty items, high resolution negatives and more.

Our 26 page, 8x10 catalog template makes selling every single product your studio offers an easy and beautiful experience. Order today and introduce your studio to the next chapter in higher sales. Our deluxe version includes 40+ professionally photographed studio product images with placeholders for your images to look like the product was created by your studio (worth over $25,000) for successful sales through show and sell. The basic version includes everything except product images. Simply insert your own product photo into our layouts.

• Stunning product guide as a press printed book to take with you on order sessions or keep in the studio
• Show as an online PDF guides or print as a 26 page magazine to give to clients
• Introduce your products/lines one page at a time as a postcard, e card, newsletter, or blog post

Click here to start boosting your sales with this beautiful product guide (and use the code "STOCKUP" to get 15% off during our Summer Sale)!

See how other photographers are using the Look Book in their own studios:

"I don't have a studio space I work out of and needed a way to show off products to potential and current clients without having them be viewed within a studio. The Look Book is an amazing tool in fulfilling this goal. It's the beautiful Modern Minimalist™ style that resonates with our current look and is lovely to view. It gave wonderful descriptions of products we offer our brides and was customizable if something needed to be altered. It is one more thing that separates my photography business from the next and brides love it!" - Austyn Elizabeth Photography

"I absolutely love the Look Book, and so do our clients. Because I adore poring over catalogs myself, I had always wanted to create a catalog to showcase our products, but the thought of such a huge project was daunting. The Look Book Basic template was absolutely perfect for us ... beautifully designed and simple to use. We easily adjusted the wording and inserted our photos. We created one for engagements and one for portraits, making the selling process so much simpler. The feedback from our clients has been tremendous, and they come ready to order after viewing our Look Book. One client loved the Look Book so much, they wanted to order a copy to keep! :) Thank you for creating such wonderful selling tools!" - Ulysses Photography