Cotton Candy Birth Announcements

Hello and welcome to our Cotton Candy Birth Announcement Collection.  Please take a moment to read this important information about your product.

These templates are designed for Adobe Photoshop CS or newer.  This is not to say that they don't work with previous versions - they very well may.  The files are un-flattened, fully editable PSDs that offer literally limitless opportunity for customization and creativity.

In order to take full advantage of these templates, you should be relatively proficient in Photoshop.  Not an expert, mind you.  But you should have a general knowledge of layers, shapes, text and image manipulation such as using the transform tool, layer masks, etc. If you are less familiar with Photoshop, don't fear.  We will try to be as thorough as possible with the tutorial - and hey, you might just learn something new!

INSERTING IMAGES: Inserting your own images into the templates is very easy.  Perform the following steps once you have opened the PSD file in Photoshop:
1)) Select the image layer you would like to populate in your LAYERS palette.
2)) Open your image and drag it onto the template using your MOVE tool (Keyboard shortcut "V")
3))  Click on the tiny black triangle in your LAYERS palette to pull up the drop-down menu and choose "Create Clipping Mask".
4))  Use the FREE TRANSFORM tool (Keyboard shortcut Control+T) and drag in the corners of your image to position it correctly within the frame.
5)) Press Enter to apply the transformation. Repeat this step with any subsequent images.

FONTS: In order to maintain the look of the templates you will need to have the same fonts installed on your system as the ones we used in the design.
CAC Pinafore
The fonts we use in our designs are usually freeware or shareware fonts available for free on the internet.  We cannot include the fonts in your download because they are protected under copyright.  However you can download them directly from their creators.  We find that if you type in the name of the font into your favorite search engine you will come up with several download sources.

CHANGING TEXT AND COLORS: Changing your templates could not be easier.  Here are a few tips on how to change the text, graphic and background colors: Text - Perform the same steps as if you were to change the text - text tool, click and highlight.
1.  Double click on the top color box in your tools menu.
2.  Choose the color for your text.
3.  Click "OK" You will see that the graphics are in the form of shapes.  This makes it very easy to change the color on the fly.  Here's how:
1.  Choose the graphic that you would like to change in the Layers palette. If you cannot see the Layers palette, click the "Window" dropdown menu at the top of your screen and choose "Layers".
2.  Now, double-click the small box of color next to the name of the layer.
3.  Choose the new color when the dialog box appears.
4.  Click "OK".
*NOTE- These colors are light pastels and look best on smooth matte paper or lustre. The lighter designs are not appropriate for pearl or textured surfaces. If you'd like to print on anything textured, pearl or metallic you'll need to change the font to a dark gray or darken the background color.

PRINTING YOUR CARDS: We have designed these templates to be used with White House Custom Color's ( ) flat 5x5 card products.  If you currently use WHCC the templates are 100% ready to go.  Don't worry, however, if you use another lab as the cards will be printed easily with your favorite printer.  Remember that each lab is different, so be absolutely sure that you contact them for their specs and color profiles prior to submitting your files.  When you have your lab's sizing and submission guidelines, you will need to transfer the designs to their templates before printing them.

INDESIGN FILE We've included an InDesign file of the Birth Announcements for those of you who prefer this method.  They are sized at 5x5, so if you'd like to use the templates for a larger display such as a canvas, you should use the PSD files.