Photo Booth Album Templates

Welcome to our Photo Booth Album Templates.  Please take a moment to read this important information about your product.

What's Included

This wonderfully simple template collection is a perfect compliment to your photo booth event shoots. The included templates are designed to be used over and over throughout the album, depending on how many pages it has. In your download folder you will find the PSD (Photoshop) templates, among them a cover page and four album pages. Depending on your style, you can create the whole album with one-image pages or a combination of one-image pages and collages. It's totally up to you! You will also find a Photoshop Custom Shape file (.csh) and a Photoshop Action file (.atn). The Custom Shape file is for adding thought and speech bubbles to your album to completely personalize the album for your client and add a little bit of humor. The Action file will automatically add your images to the template, saving you lots of time and making album creation a breeze.

Making an Album

The first step to making a photo booth album is planning. Take your folder of images and organize them in such a way that will make the album flow nicely. It is best to keep series of images, or similar images, together on a page to tell a complete story. You may also want to plan out which templates you will use for which images, so when the time comes to lay out the album, you will be able to quickly create each page. Once your album is planned you can begin inserting your images. Let's say for example, we are going to make a page with four images. We'll use the template 03.psd to make the page. We could simply open the PSD file into Photoshop and insert all the images by hand, but that would take quite a while. Instead, we are going to use the bundled action to insert our images. Before we do this, however, we will need to load our actions so that they appear in our Layers Palette. If you are unsure how to load actions, we have a wonderful tutorial available online here (for Photoshop) and here (for Photoshop Elements). When our actions are installed and our template is open we can begin inserting our images. Simply press “Play” on the action that corresponds to the number of images on the template. For example, we will start by inserting template "03.psd", which has four images. To do this, press play on the action “INSERT 4 IMAGES.” The action will run and allow you time to transform your images to your liking within the frames. If you decide you'd rather add one image at a time, simply select the IMAGE LAYER you want to fill, and press play on the "INSERT ONE IMAGE" action. When all of your images have been added, you may either save your template in a different name to ensure that you can go back later and make changes, or you can flatten and save it as a jpg to send to your lab.
Adding speech and thought bubbles If you would like to add some spice to your photo booth album with speech and thought bubbles it is very simple to do with the included Custom Shapes file. This file can be loaded the same way you would load an action file through the Preset Manager. Simply navigate to Edit -> Preset Manager from the top menu in Photoshop and choose “Custom Shapes”. Then load the .csh file that came in your download and you are ready to draw. (For Photoshop Elements, add the .csh file to the Custom Shapes folder via Applications/Adobe Photoshop Elements 6/Presets/Custom Shapes, then restart Elements.) When your page is finished and you would like to add a speech bubble, choose the Custom Shapes tool from your TOOLS PALETTE in Photoshop. Now, on the top menu, choose which speech or thought bubble you would like to use.
You can click and drag this shape anywhere on your album page and fill the shape with any color. (Hold SHIFT if you would like the shape to maintain the proportions of the thumbnail preview.) You can apply layer effects just like you would on any other type of layer. On our samples we have filled the shape with white and applied a black 3px stroke. Then, type anything your heart desires. You can use any font you like, but we absolutely love the look of this classic comic book font. It is available as a free download on Simply search for the font “Comic Book”, install, and you are all set to go!

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