How to Win $500 for a 30 Second Opinion

We value your opinion, like, a lot.

We want to know what you think of us and our products, and we'd like to share your thoughts with everyone we know, and then some.

So, in return for your short, fun, sharable video expressing your opinions of Design Aglow, we'll give you $500 of shop credit, to use any way you want. 

Sound fun? We think it's a win-win, and we hope you do too.

How it Works:

1. Capture a video (with your phone is fine), featuring your beautiful self, maybe a favorite finished Design Aglow product, and what you like about us, our products, and why.

2. Save it and submit your video with the form below.

3. If we think your video is rad and want to share it with others, then bam, you’ve won $500.

4. The winning videos and faces will be featured in upcoming Design Aglow social campaigns and product reviews on our site.

Winning Tips:

• Enthusiasm and smiles are contagious!
• We love to see your faces and your studios!
• Show off the product(s) clearly
• Compelling reasons to love our product
• Share how you’ve been successful with them!
• Try, if you can, to shoot in a nice lighting situation so the video quality is somewhat decent
• Keep video length between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, please.

(Here's a winning sample for reference:)


All submissions will be adored, considered and very much appreciated, but unfortunately, not everyone will win 500 bucks.

So, what do you think? $500 for your thoughts?

If you nailed it, which we're sure you will, we’ll be in touch with you super soon!


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