Paris: Where Business and Creativity Collide

Hey there! My name is Emily and I am a photographer and wannabe world traveler.

I recently returned from a trip to Paris with my sister and it was everything we had ever dreamed of and more. From the croissants to the coffee and street side cafes, the trip was picture perfect. We ate, we shopped, and we took a lot of photos.

Every part of the city is like a dramatic backdrop for an editorial shoot so this trip was the perfect opportunity to develop a gallery of work with the kind of creative, portraiture work I strive to capture for my clients.

Off the Screen and on the Wall

The best part of any trip is being able to come back and share your photos with friends and family to make sure you really rub in the fact that you just spent 10 carefree days overseas. The one thing I always wish I did more of, though, is getting prints of my favorite images. There’s so much more satisfaction, and longevity, in having physical prints over digitals.

If you’re a photographer, you already know this to be true! So, if you’re trying to run a sustainable business, physical products like framed prints and albums are going to give you some of the best ROI imaginable. Framed prints are an ideal product to offer clients because as I mentioned before: it’s one thing to shoot and burn on a USB drive, but being able to offer framed prints and wall galleries will really step your game up and help you stand out from the competition. Plus, after seeing your incredible sample gallery, guess what every client will want?

Ordering Framed Prints

It was important that we find the perfect frame and printing options for our images, since we knew we would want to display some of our favorites in our studio space.

I found Design Aglow has modern, affordable frame options as well as an integrated printing system. Instead of having my favorites printed at one place, selecting a frame at another and having to assemble it all myself, Design Aglow took care of everything.

It’s super easy to place an order for framed prints too. I ordered the Grab + Go Collection Four with eight different framed prints. I really appreciated the versatility this collection offered in the different sizes and potential arrangements. It gave me several options to work with when showing clients. Design Aglow has 4 other gallery options as well as a la carte frames, from 5x7 to 24x30 so there’s really something for everyone. All options include fine art printing, mounting, 8 ply mats, and finished backs.

You can choose the style of frame you like, your size and image orientation, which kind of fine art paper you want (I opted for the Premium Archival Matte paper), upload your images and you’re done! I loved how quickly they were delivered and everything arrived ready to hang.

Styling + Arranging 

With so many different options for frame arrangements, there’s no right or wrong way. Arrange them to perfectly suit your space and voila: you’ve created your own wall masterpiece!

We chose to break up our arrangement on either side of our wall mirror and create two separate gallery looks. It was fun to get our creative juices flowing and decide which images and arrangements would look best together. I really wanted to create a ‘wow’ experience for my clients when I conduct consultations so they would get excited about finished wall art.

If you’re having trouble thinking of flattering layouts, Design Aglow has this super handy gallery inspiration guide to get excited about wall art, whether it’s for yourself or for your clients.


Making the Sale

Displaying your best images in your space will allow your clients to get a feel for the work you do (or want to do) and create a desire for them to have custom art in their own homes. Design Aglow's framing sales tools to make your job just a little bit easier. From a simple frame corners to a frame sales kit and even stock photo mockups, they make buying frame sales simple and fun.


I really loved how my gallery turned out and it’s so nice being able to enjoy memories of Paris every day. It’s also been great to see how these framed prints have stepped up my presentation and sales game. It’s been the perfect addition to my client offerings and it feels good to provide them with this option.


Emily is a lifestyle photographer based in Portland, OR. She runs on coffee and lame jokes. You can follow her on Instagram here and visit her website here.

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