Effective Workflow for Higher Album Sales

We love to see photographers creating beautiful, custom keepsakes for their clients. Dan & Tyler Photography is chatting with us about the effective methods they use to send each of their clients home with a Design Aglow Album after their session:
We see that you are selling a lot of albums. What is your process to make sure every client goes home with a stunning custom album?
We’ve found that the best way to ensure our clients go home with their own gorgeous album is to simply show our clients an album in person and let the album speak for itself. Once we hand them our 50 page sample album the first thing they always comment on is the way it feels in their hands. The binding, page thickness, durability and quality of materials used are truly second to none. 

How do you promote albums on your website, in-person, and during client meetings?
Our initial client meetings have proven to be the best time to promote albums. We show clients a sample album in person with a selection of our best photos, the cover material swatches, and then highlight in the lookbook the various options and pricing of the albums. We then send a PDF of the album lookbook with our meeting recap and another copy of the PDF after their wedding day if they didn’t preorder an album.

What is your album workflow like?
Two weeks after our clients' wedding, we send a wedding album email which shares the importance of printing photos, highlights of the albums, and the first steps to ordering an album. Clients start the process by placing an order through their online gallery. We have a product listing which adds base linen or vegan leather Design Aglow albums to our storefront. Once they place the order, we send an album selection form and they choose their favorite 40-90 images for the album. Album Stomp has a Design Aglow template which specifies the appropriate trim margins and pages sizes to ensure my designs are perfect from the get-go. I use InDesign to add a client specific first page which includes names, date, a large vertical image, and our website. The next full spread contains one long hero image and their vows. Finally I add our logo and a final reception image to the last page. I then use the album proof function in Pic-Time for the couple to view and make comments. I also send an album brochure through Honeybook for the client can approve the number of extra pages, select a cover cameo, imprinting, font choice, foil choice, imprinting location, and cover material. When the client makes their brochure selections, Honeybook generates an invoice. From there I’ll put the finishing touches on the album and send it off to Design Aglow for printing!

Do you use templates or software to create your layouts?
We use Indesign and Album Stomp to design every album. We also take advantage of Honeybook and Pic-Time’s automated brochures, proposals, photo selections, and album proofing functions to get all the information we need from our clients with ease.

What are your top 3 tips for selling more albums?
1) Take the time to create a sample album of your best work with all the features Design Aglow has to offer. 
2) Create efficient systems that make it as easy to order albums.
3) Discuss the benefits of albums and remind clients to archive their most precious wedding memories.
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Thanks for sharing, Dan! We love your approach and are so happy for your success. Enjoy your $75 shopping spree on us~

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