Wedding Week: Meet Krista Ashley

Hiya! I’m Krista, a California gal on the verge of moving across the world to Australia to photograph more love. I found my way to the path of weddings while attending art school, where in the beginning I had no idea what I wanted to shoot. All I knew was that photography was in my bones and that I had to pursue it. The rest, as they say, is history.
I fancy myself as an elopement and intimate wedding photographer with a dramatic style. My photographic approach is artful and genuine for sentimental lovers. By focusing on their honest moments rather than stiff poses, I’m able to capture my couples in their own uniqueness. 

During art school, I had a far off day dream to photograph landscapes because I was (still am) so inspired by Mother Earth and stunning natural light. One day I watched an incredible outdoor wedding film (by Paperback Weddings) and it just clicked for me. I knew right then that I wanted to document love. Being able to create art of out someone’s love and memories is pure gold for me. What I love the most is taking those elements of love and adding elements of nature; that’s where I thrive.
For those wanting to get their foot in the door of the wedding industry, my advice would be this: start with getting your toes in the door, then work on the whole foot *at your own pace*. I think it’s crucial to realize that some creatives in the wedding industry have been at this for YEARS. They make it look so easy, but the truth is, they’ve been hard at work for season after season. Enjoy the process and don’t rush faster than you’re capable of. Don’t fake it till you make it. Burn out is very real in this industry and self preservation is key!


Balance is essential for my business. I’ve experienced the pain of burn out, so it’s very important to keep my head above water during the busy peaks. I keep myself afloat by allotting time to literally do nothing. Personally, I have found that my creativity refuels when I’m able to fully rest. An introvert at heart, alone/down time is everything. I take on a limited number of bookings each year to allow myself this kind of balance. In turn, I’m able to be even more attentive to my couples. Rest is a win win for all of us.
Besides the obvious of being surrounded by palpable love and good vibrations all the time, it’s truly amazing to witness unique moments. When all is said and done, as I’m editing away in my cave, the images move me in a such a way. By capturing such sentimental memories, I’m constantly reminded of what is truly important. It’s not the dress that’s most important or the perfectly curated wedding theme, but the love that cements it all together. The hugs, the laughter, the smiling eyes. For me, growing perspective is the biggest reward of this dream job.



I can’t boast enough about tangible memories and physical products, which is why I include both in my packages. I want my couples to reminisce of their moments as they sift through actual prints, not solely from an online gallery. Photos become so much more when they live outside a screen. To pique their interest in printing their memories, I provide boxed proof prints to show clients how amazing they truly are. This is the number one thing that my couples rave about when they receive their final package of tangible goods!
There are so many lessons that I have learned and many more surely to come. I think the most important being that burnout is the real deal. In an industry that never slows down and prizes perfection, it can be difficult to keep up without asking for help or needing a break. It’s OKAY to ask for help and it’s OKAY to rest!! The constant grind is a complete myth.


See more of Krista's work at and follow her day to day on Instagram.



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