Versatile Keepsakes for Digital Packages

There is huge value in presenting beautifully packaged quality products to your clients. No matter what your specialty is, no doubt one or more of your studio packages includes a digital collection. And therein lies the conundrum, what is more enjoyable for clients, beautiful prints or an elegant USB with all their files? Well, why not both?
For your digital collections consider creating a premium package that offers clients the versatility of digital files and lets them enjoy and display their photos without a laptop. Our keepsake boxes make it possible to serve both your products distinctly with style.

Keepsake Print & USB Boxes 

(Premium Box in Canvas shown above or Traditional Box in Eco-Luxe Paper)

The Appeal

Ideal for the photographer that offers prints and downloads. Clients will love receiving everything in one gorgeous self-closing package, branded with your studio logo. Choose to include your favorite 125 unmounted 5×7 prints or 15 mounted 5×7 prints and a USB drive with high (or low) resolution images. Super flexible!

Brand Consistency

These perfectly crafted boxes come in two materials, in seven classic tones, and can be foil stamped with your studio name or logo in 16 colors (including chic metallics and modern blind embossing) for a completely custom-branded look.

Wow Factor

This unique, handcrafted product gives clients exactly what they want: keepsake art AND digital files. Even if you only provide web size digitals for sharing, the presentation is one that commands the top level on your collections menu.

Client Satisfaction

Clients appreciate your thoughtfulness when you offer complete products that don’t need any extra work or fuss on their part.  Having a tiny “seatbelt” to secure your USB drive and a perfectly sized print home base ensures safety without the worry of loss. The magnetic snap closure takes the security up to another level.

Markup Potential

Oh, yes… This one is big. As we already know, digital negatives should be your most expensive product, as once a client has those, your earning potential decreases substantially.  But, what about adding even more value to capture that big sale with ease? This is where the artist’s favorites (5×7 keepsake prints) come in….the incentive is huge. Add the keepsake box, and markup potential is huge, at 800-2,000+%.


Portrait photographers may want to choose to mount their favorite 15 images and provide web-sized digitals for social sharing. Wedding photographers will typically include all digital images and can choose between including 15 mounted images or a 100+ loose prints with a theme of “Best of,” “Just Formals,” or “Couple Portraits.”
Already impressing your clients with custom packaging? Share your creations with the hashtag #designaglow on Instagram so we can check you out!

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