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Since I moved to Barcelona almost five years ago, I haven't stopped exploring this part of Spain, especially the coast. There is one particular place that my husband and I like to visit at least once a year: Tossa de Mar. This little coastal town in Costa Brava, situated between Barcelona and France is easily accessed by car or bus and it's a perfect place for a quick little weekend getaway.
The first time we visited Tossa, I was so surprised to see a statue of actress Ava Gardner standing on the top of a hill, looking like some sort of a guardian of the town. What seemed like a random discovery, turned out to be a story of a local fisherman who told us that the statue was built in Ava's honor because she was living in Tossa while filming a movie called Pandora & The Flying Dutchman (1951). So random, but very cute!
Whenever we go to Tossa, we try a different hotel. During our last visit, we stayed at URH Vila de Tossa hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay because of the hotel’s ideal position and proximity to the town's center as well as the comfortable rooms. Bonus: the hotel also has a jacuzzi on the huge roof balcony, where you can relax and enjoy amazing panoramic views of the town. Tossa de Mar has an excellent gastronomic reputation and there many local sea food restaurants, but if you're like me and unfortunately don't like seafood, I recommend: L'Hostalet de Tossa for daily eats, situated in a cute little church square, under some orange trees. For dinner, my favorite place is Pizzeria La Grotta, a cozy little family restaurant in the middle of the old town, perfect for a romantic dinner..  
Our days usually start with us wandering around the city's center in the morning, and maybe heading to the beach if the weather is nice. The second half of the day is usually reserved for climbing to the castle and having a drink at the restaurant on the top of the hill. The views are magnificent and you can try out different paths that lead to different points of this place. Tossa is like a little labyrinth but there's no thing such as wrong path because each one of them leads to something that's worth checking out.
Tossa is an amazing coastal town, and I highly recommend any visitors to check out:
  • Platja Gran - it’s the main beach in town and is known for its half-moon shape
  • the Roman ruins
  • Castillo de Tossa de Mar - the symbol of Tossa de Mar, it is a medieval castle with a little old town, surrounded with many little paths that let you enjoy some of the amazing views while you climb to the lighthouse or you go down to old, narrow streets with cute houses made of rock and full of all kinds of flowers. Don't forget to turn left or right whenever possible. You'll find many “hidden gems”. 
My essential take-along for any trip is appropriate clothes.This means checking the weather in advance and planning outfits as much as possible. Comfy shoes are a must. I try to travel just with a carry-on if it's a shorter trip. A camera is an obvious must-have, along with required things like documents, money, phone etc. My #1 tip is to bring an open mind because the true beauty of traveling often means letting go and stepping out of the comfort zone.
Travel is one of my favorite things in the world and I always dedicate one part of my savings for this pleasure. I'm also a huge fan of travel websites with discounts and deals. If you search, you can save a great amount of money. Also, I often choose to explore locally, much like with this weekend getaway. We often think that traveling means long haul flights and destinations on the other side of the world, but how much do we know the area where we live or that nearby place that we skip because it's close? My advice is not to take those places for granted and to actually visit them and enjoy them. You might be surprised!  
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