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Isle of Skye, Scotland has always been on my bucket list so I was pretty excited when I booked a beautiful elopement there. I headed north from Glasgow to visit a few places on my way to Isle of Skye. It amazes me how much the landscape changes as soon as you head out of the cities of Scotland. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself driving through mythical forests, highland, mountains, valley and the beautiful lochs. Within a few hours I felt that I was in the scene of Outlander!
In fact, one of the my favourite place on route to Skye was the area where Outlander was filmed. Yes, I do admit to being a little obsessed with Outlander, but the landscape around Kinloch Rannoch is truly beautiful! The landscape looks exactly like like it would a few hundred years ago, so it’s not hard to imagine yourself riding through the mountain valleys on the back of a horse.
Once I arrived at the Isle of Skye I was overwhelmed by the misty mountains and beautiful big famous sites like Old Man of Storr. My two absolute favourites from Skye were the Fairy Glen which is an out of this world magical fairy like landscape in the north of Skye as well as the mountain range Quiraing. There is an excellent day hike which takes you on a loop through Quiraing Ranges and the tall stone pillars and moss covered hills are truly breathtaking.
One thing to remember when travelling to Scotland and Isle of Skye is that it rains. A lot! The weather also changes rapidly and you can experience all four seasons in a day. So it’s important to travel with good outdoor clothes and some solid hiking shoes. Hiking is really where it’s at on Skye. There are too many amazing hikes to list and you could spend a lifetime trying to do them all. It’s a paradise for nature lovers that’s for sure.
I’m really fortunate that I’m able to travel internationally for weddings. Of all the places I have travelled Scotland and Isle of Skye would definitely be one of my all time favourites. The magical fairytale like landscape is one of a kind. It has an eerie and beautiful feel to it all at the same time. The other bonus is the Scottish people. Don’t ever be in a rush because they really do love a good chat. And if you go you must try the local whisky and gin.
If you visit Isle of Skye I would recommend going for at least a week. I went for 6 days and I could have stayed much longer. There is really so much to see. Go beyond the touristy places and create your own adventure. Get hold of a good local hiking guide and you will be busy for weeks.
migrated_Maz_Pedersen_Profile_medium.jpgv1502744910I am a destination wedding photographer living in Australia. One of my favourite things to do with my clients are hiking to an epic location for photos. When I am not taking photos I can be found hiking, exploring the beach and nature, hanging with my husband and 4 year old twins and our dog. I love working with couples that are not afraid of being different, who loves nature and are happy to go off the beaten track to explore. See more of my work here.

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