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In May, I had an opportunity to visit the small town of Winthrop, Washington. This adventure wonderland outside of Seattle had been on my list for a long time because of the special accommodations that awaited. A quick flight from San Francisco and a two hour drive through the North Cascades National Park, found my husband and I in one of the most peaceful places I’ve been to yet. We took three days to unplug, turn off our phones, and just be.
Meet the Rolling Huts. It was architecturally satisfying to the eyes, as it was to the soul. I had seen these “huts” online a year so ago, and fell in love since. Designed by Olson Kundig, the Rolling Huts are a minimally designed space that blends right into the outdoors. Each hut faces outwards to the mountain, with a glass window that makes you feel like you’re right in nature. The huts became a place where we retreated to each day, and spent the mornings on the patio reading a book with a coffee in hand.
My fears of not having great food options were put to rest the minute we stepped inside the Mazama Store down the street. It’s a brilliant, all-you-could-need general store. With organic food, local products like coffee or honey, it has everything and more for picnics and cozy dinners at home. At night, we headed into Winthrop to eat at East 20 Pizza after hiking all day, and loved the Old Schoolhouse Brewery for classic American eats. The downtown area of Winthrop feels like you’ve stepped back in time, making it a perfect place to stroll after a bite.
The days felt long — in a good kind-of way. Each morning was spent slowly, brewing a pot of coffee, and watching the deer feed in the valley. Being placed near North Cascades National Park, we spent most of the time outdoors. The hiking is incredible, and to the luck of timing, it was wildflower season. The bright yellow flowers with snowcapped mountains held true to the nickname of the area, “the alps of America.” The Chelan Summit Trail was beautiful, and the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forest had plenty of space to explore. One of my favorite places was the view point over Diablo Lake at milepost 132. The turquoise waters of the lake, set between towering mountains was breathtaking. It was so beautiful we stopped here twice.
Winthrop, Washington was a place to be restored and rejuvenated in peaceful nature. I loved every minute there to unwind and be outdoors.


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