Travel With Photographers: Ben Sasso

The thing I love most about Iceland is how accessible nature is. Every time I come here, I camp for a few weeks in the country and get to sleep in some of the most gorgeous places  I've ever seen. Waterfalls, glacial lakes, cliff sides, etc. It's free and looks a hell of a lot better than the inside of a hotel room.
During this trip we were shooting and camping in two main spots and exploring a few waterfalls (Skogafoss, and Kvernufoss), and a glacial lake (Jokulsarlon). Both are amazing spots and killer for camping if you walk a bit farther than the beaten path. Kvernufoss is one of my new favorite places. Follow a gorgeous stream until it introduces you to a billowing waterfall that you can stand behind. Add the fact that you'll be the only one there- it doesn't get much better than that!
On my last trip in Iceland (after an 8 hour van ride with a flat tire beating against the inside of the wheel well), I found myself bathing in a geothermal spring surrounded by a group of singing Scandinavians. Oh, and they were naked. Iceland is so weird.
If you're planning a trip here, my best advice for you is to go farther. Go farther than the city. Go farther than The Blue Lagoon. Go farther than the other tourists who just take day trips out of the city. Iceland has some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen and it would be a shame to make it out here without really enjoying them. Grab some camping gear, plan a trip around the Ring Road (it spans the entire island), and put your schedule in the backseat.  Recommended listening (there are some long roads): Sigur Ros, and Of Monsters and Men (both from Iceland).
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migrated_BIO_medium.jpgv1478821125Ben Sasso is a photographer and educator living in Los Angeles. Aside from taking pictures, he loves to be in nature (camping, climbing, hiking and running around) and has a self proclaimed unmanly love for cats. Ben is a firm believer in fostering a close knit photo community and encouraging individual progression.

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